Is It What I Really Want?

You can call me the luckiest b*tch on earth for living my life. Iyap, kurang beruntung apa coba saya? Punya keluarga yang Alhamdulillah masih lengkap, punya teman-teman dekat yang hebat juga supportive, dan punya kerjaan dengan penghasilan yang lebih dari cukup untuk kehidupan di Jakarta. Almost perfect kecuali masalah jodoh (tapi mari kita kesampingkan dulu masalah jodohnya karena bukan ini yang mau saya omongin sekarang). Continue reading

When The Only Option Left is “Not To Give Up”

Was the thing that popped-up in my mind last night when I was walking down the street alone. It is kind of weird that there was no cab passed by the street last night and how dark and quiet it was. I actually didn’t know what I have to do except crankily walk down. It was 1 a.m, I was afraid, tired and brought lots of stuffs with me and I had to walk this far.

But thanks to last night that finally I thought, “If only I have another option but not to walk. But I don’t”.

I stopped for a moment and thought again, “I have no option and I keep walking. What if I give up? I would just stay here without knowing when will the cab pass. I would probably stood here alone waiting for something that’s not even certain. I don’t know what would happen if I stay and give up walking but if I walk at least I know I walk to the right direction.”

Sometimes, we think that we have no other option but life always provides us with options. And one of the common options is: “to give up” or “not to give up”. Unconsciously, some of us (or maybe most of us) choose “to give up”. And as matter a fact, we don’t even know which option is “to give up” and which one is “not to give up”.

In my simple case for example, I didn’t know what option lead me to “give up”. Did I give up when I finally decided to walk? (means I decided to give up waiting) Or, did I give up if I decided to wait for the cab? (means I decided to give up walking).

“To give up” and “Not to give up” is such a blurry choice. It actually depends on what is exactly our destination? What is actually our goal? If you choose something  that seems like giving up but conversely, it leads you to your destination, then you are not giving up.

My simple case for example, my destination is to get on bed as fast as I can and cuddling up with my sister. If I decided to wait for the cab maybe my sister would already sleep and I wouldn’t be hugged in my sleep when I get there. But I decided to walk and get there faster so my sister was still awake and she could hug me until I slept. Seems like I was giving up waiting the cab but it leads my to my destination. I didn’t give up.

I’m sure you know that once you choose “not to give up” it might not smooth. Obstacles are there, tiresome is your consequence, but knowing you will reach your destiny, isn’t that wonderful?

As a human, I can’t deny that choosing “to give up” is one of the easiest thing to do. But I learned if I choose “to give up” I will just go nowhere, not even closer to my destination, and got no strength to go back to start and anyway we don’t have that “rewind” button in our life so how could we go back to start again? Then the only option is “to move on”. And “to move on” is not giving up. It is walking on different street to reach a better destination.

Before I join my company I am now in, I was an announcer in a top radio station in town but for one and other things I must leave the radio and work in a company. It wasn’t an easy option: “to give up” the thing I love to do (radio) or “not to give up”? I finally decided to leave the radio. Did I give up? No, I didn’t. I didn’t easily give up and act like I don’t like radio at all. But I nourished my goal. I love radio so much! But I don’t want to be an announcer for the rest of my life. I want to pursue a great career, saving money and build my own radio. It might seems that I gave up what I love, but as matter a fact I wasn’t not giving up what I love, I try to move on from my comfort zone and pursuing a bigger thing.

Do you know what that means? “To give up” is never been the final option. “To give up” is not permanent. Because we are human, this is life. Life goes on, human will die someday. And no one, not even an elder, want to stuck in something that is not certain. By not giving up, we are pursuing something we believe we could reach. Simply, if you work on something to pursue your goal, you are not in a state of giving up. You might giving up your comfort zone, you might be tired, you might need a break, but you don’t need to give up.

Left it, Love it still…

If I may have a little scrappy random thought about what have been through in almost 1 year doing my job, I would say it is not actually what I want.

People out there, my friends, my relatives, my big family, they can see me as a very lucky person for getting a job in this multi-national company. Good salary they could say. Nice working environment. What else can I ask?

I don’t ask for anything more than this. But, I found something bothering me recently. My friend asked me to help him managing her vocal group and mixing some dance songs for her dance group. Guess what I feel? Excited. Waaaaayy more excited than doing my job in office.

Further than that, I know I really miss that kind of job. I really love entertainment world. Well, yes, I am not an on-stage person. In fact, I love to stay back-stage, supporting the performer and here I am doing my office job in office hour, and having another “job” in the night and weekend. Am I tired? Yes. Lack of sleep? Definitely. But I know it would bother me more if I can’t do those things. I left radio almost one year ago. I stopped mixing songs almost one year ago. And I thought I have done with them. I was wrong. I can’t stop doing that. Think about keep practicing my mixing skill even though my friend doesn’t ask me to…

N’ah, just random post. Just knew that I really like what I did…

The Outdated Pen

These two days I attended marketing workshop. The workshop was kinda fun and full of tough discussion between global, regional, and country management. But, I actually won’t share anything about the workshop because I am a stingy person. I won’t let you get the same lesson! Hahaha. No, just kidding. I am not good at re-explaining things I’ve learned. But feel free to ask if you want.

What I am about to write here is just a little part of the workshop. Since the workshop was attended by global, regional, and country management, we had this introduction session to get to know each other. But the introduction was kind of different than any other introduction I had ever done. One week before the workshop, all participants accepted an email attached with some pre-work to do. One of the pre-work instructed us to bring one object which have some significance with us. That was just a simple task to do. Bring an object. But that was kind of difficult for me.

I did not know what I have to bring until the one day before workshop. I really have no idea. I thought about bringing fish because I am Pisces so fish means something for me but I could not find fish. I thought about bringing my macbook because my macbook has been “my significant other” for 4 years but it does not explain me too much it only explain that I love apple. Then I remembered about my diary! Ah damn! I did not bring my diary to Jakarta! But wait, I got an idea. What about pen?

So I chose to bring pen to the workshop. I prepared nothing. The only thing I prepared was only the pen and a book to jot down some note. I did not prepared any sweet or philosophical words to explain about the object I brought because I was pretty confident that I would not be the “lucky number one” in introduction session. So, I will steal some other sayings to beautify my introduction.

But, fate said otherwise. God really knew my bad motive to steal others’ words. No one wanted to be the lucky-number-one and somehow, every body in the room had agreed that I was the one who should start the introduction session. Well, I am a brave girl so I stood up with nothing to say except “Good morning, guys! My name is Ajeng and the object I bring today is a pen…” and the rest of my introduction was something that I could not believe came out from my mouth…

“Good morning, guys! My name is Ajeng and the object I bring today is a pen. I chose pen because I am not an expressive person. I cannot express my self well by talking or acting but once I do writing I feel like I can express every single thing in my mind, and every single thing that I feel. But maybe some of you questioning, ‘Hellooo, Jeng! It’s 2012 and you still use pen and paper? We’ve got computers and laptops!’ Yes you are right. But there is something computers cannot give. It is the emotion. If I read my old diary I will know exactly my emotion at that time from the size of the font, and the shape of my hand writing. It clearly describes what really happened back then. Computers? We won’t bother ourselves increasing and decreasing the font size and font face just to show the emotion in microsoft word. Ah, and there is something I really love about pen. If we type in our computer and we do some mistakes we can easily press backspace button and the mistakes we made was entirely vanished. But if we write with pen and we made some mistakes, no matter how hard we try to cover up the mistakes even with tip-ex, the scratch will stay there, reminding us that we made some mistakes so we can learn not to do the same mistake or more mistakes in the future. That’s all. Thank you very much.”

Beyond my own expectation, everyone in room gave me big applause. The global brand manager said, “We chose the right person to start the introduction! It’s beyond my expectation.” and the marketing regional manager said, “Ajeng, I can’t believe what I hear. A very nice saying about pen from you.”

I smiled and thanked for the compliment but then I thought, “what did i say????? Am I that inspiring?” And the answer is: “Yes, I am inspiring!” Hahaha, are you going to slap me now because now you realize this post is just me praising myself? Close the tab now. Close it now. Hahaha. Just leaving a trace in my own blog, fellas. And yes, I think I will not be able to make such a nice introduction like what I said in the workshop so, I typed it in my own blog so someday I can remember about this. Hahaha. Ciaaaooo!!!!

Not Alone

People sometimes feel alone at some point. Happens to me, and I’m sure all of you ever felt it. But actually, if you once felt that you’ve reached something in your life, when you know you’ve got something you’ve dreamt of, when you know you’re success in doing something, in getting something, in making something, in whatever it is, then I’ll tell you this: Congratulation! You’re definitely not alone.

I always feel like I am the luckiest person on earth for having what I have. I have this promising job; loyal, supportive, inspiring best friends; complete family; humble inspiring people who’d love to share their stories with me; get good education; physically complete; etc. With those things and those people I have, I could say, I am now trying to walk my path to success.

But as I once read in Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, that no one ever get succeed alone: “It wasn’t an excuse. It was a fact. He’d had to make his way alone, and no one—not rock stars, not professional athletes, not software billionaires, and not even geniuses — ever makes it alone.” The success he/she gets is somehow related to the environment he/she lived. As Mitch Albom also wrote in his book, Have a Little Faith, “We are part of each other’s lives. If someone was about to slip, someone else could catch him.”

There are some part of my life where I found someone was there to help me make my way, to catch me when I was about to slip, and even to help me stand when I was fell. There always was. There always is.

Surprisingly, those who help are not only my closest person. I wouldn’t be surprise if my best friends and my family would always be there. In some cases, I was helped by a (I could say) complete stranger I met in public places who voluntarily tell me about their stories, so I could learn from their mistakes.

Lots of people I knew also helped me a lot; my supervisor who agreed to have tons of discussion with me and gave me chance to finish my final assignment just on time; a nice pretty multi-talented woman who taught me a lot about love life, philosophy, pursuing dreams, difference between material girl and realistic girl, and always reminds me to read, read, and read; and lots of people out there has helped me so I am being what I become now. I am so thankful. Thanks God that I don’t walk alone all these years… Thanks fams, thanks besties, thanks friends, thanks inspiring people, thanks to all…

I am not telling you what to do, but every time you feel all alone, just take a second and try thinking about what have you got, reached, succeeded. And remember, in every single thing you’ve got there was someone there to help you got that, in every succeed you made someone was there, in every dream you reached someone was there to get you made it. So, you’ll know that you never were alone. You are not alone.

Bisa Nulis Atau Nggak?

Saya baru aja iseng ngebuka tumblr temen deket saya, Bd. Saya baru ngeh kalo si Bd ini ternyata sempet update blognya (ntah kapan updatenya). Si Bd ini emang jarang banget update tumblr. Waktu itu dia bilang alasannya karena she’s not into writing. Yaaaa, kalo alasannya udah kaya gitu, saya bisa komen apa sih? Tapi deep down, saya tetep yakin kalo pada dasarnya semua orang bisa nulis.

Pas saya baca postingan si Bd di tumblrnya, saya suka lho sama tulisan dia. Ngalir… Nggak dibuat-buat. Mungkin bahasanya emang beda banget sama bahasa dia sehari-hari. Ya, mungkin alter ego dia yang nulis, saya nggak ngerti deh. Tapi, dengan gaya apapun dia nulis, satu hal yang saya tangkep, tulisan dia bagus.

Temen deket saya satu lagi, Nd. Dia juga dulu pernah bilang kalo dia nggak jago nulis (mungkin lebih tepatnya nggak suka nulis), that’s why dia dulu nggak punya blog. Setelah saya maksa dia bikin blog di multiply, ternyata blognya cuma diisi beberapa kali, setelah itu kosooong! Terus, saya suruh dia nyobain tumblr, dan setelah dia kenal tumblr, dia mulai rajin posting. Dan tulisan dia juga bagus. Ngalir gitu aja.

Ada juga satu lagi, Ag. Ag itu otaknya penuh sama ide-ide kreatif yang sayangnya lebih sering kesimpen gitu aja. Pas dia punya tumblr, dia lebih sering nge-reblog foto Casillas daripada ngepost tulisan dia sendiri. Kadang dia bilang, “Gue ga bisa nulis panjang-panjang, jeng. Tiap gue nulis tuh to the point banget!” Tapi belakangan, saya ngeliat tumblr dia berisi tulisan-tulisan dia. Dan, wah… Unpredictable! Saya nggak nyangka dia bisa nulis kaya gitu.

Belom lagi kalo saya buka blognya El. Wah, itu sih sehari update 10x lebih kali ya?? (berlebihan nih gue). Well, kalo dia emang hobinya nulis. Setiap kali saya mainan blog, selalu sama dia. Bahkan, belakangan lewat postingan dia yang banyak dan nyeritain tentang keseharian dia ataupun random thoughtnya, dia secara nggak langsung nyadarin saya kalo blog is not a place for you to impress people. Selama ini, aktifitas tumblr saya sepi karena saya pengennya orang-orang yang baca tumblr saya tuh at least berniat untuk meng-klik gambar hati di pojok kanan. Hahahaha (ngarep!).

Well, sebenernya yang mau saya omongin di sini adalah, kalo saya liat orang-orang di sekeliling saya. Kebanyakan dari mereka bukan kaya saya yang lebih seneng mengekspresikan sesuatu lewat tulisan, bukan juga kaya El yang emang bener-bener suka nulis. Ada yang bilang “not into writing”, ada yang bilang “nggak jago nulis”, ada juga yang bilang “nggak bisa nulis panjang-panjang”. Tapi apapun alasan mereka ternyata nggak bisa ngebuktiin kalo mereka nggak bisa nulis. Buktinya? Tuh, ada postingan mereka yang enak dibaca di tumblr mereka.

Menurut saya sih, nulis itu bukan bisa atau nggak bisa. Semua orang bisa nulis. Tapi, biasa atau nggak biasa? Dari hati atau nggak? Percaya atau nggak, kadang orang-orang yang nggak biasa nulis, tiba-tiba sekalinya mereka nulis, mereka tuh nulisnya dari hati. Dan nggak jarang hasilnya menyentuuuuh banget.

Jadi, kalo kamu ngerasa kamu bukan orang yang not into writing tapi pengen banget untuk mulai nulis, dan nggak sengaja nemu tulisan ini, just try. Nggak usah maksa harus bikin tulisan bagus. Tulis aja apa yang mau kamu tulis. Di mulai dari situ, kamu lama-lama bisa nemuin gaya nulis kamu, dan mungkin kamu ternyata lama-lama bisa nikmatin enaknya nulis. Who knows? Dan kalo kamu emang pengen banget jadi penulis dan pengen nulis bagus, well (sounds cliche sih, tapi inget) practice makes perfect. Cliche but true. 

Hahahaha, ngomong-ngomong, siapa sih gue??? Berasa penulis kondang aja gue nulis beginian???!!!!! Hahaha, gapapa lah ya… Gue cuma baru menyadari kalo tulisan temen-temen gue bagus-bagus!!! 😀

Almost 21

When I was child, knowing my birthday is about to come made me excited. I love getting older!

When I was teenager, knowing my birthday is about to come made me felt so-so. I started to think that it was nothing special but gifts from friends and had lunch together with friends and lots of birthday wishes.

Now, I am a twenty years old girl (or woman?) and my 21st birthday is about to come. What do I feel? Probably worries. I start thinking about how should I spend my new age wisely, how to be a better person, how to keep focusing on my thesis while I have other things to be done as well, how to be more mature, what is going to change this year, should I start looking for a boyfriend, will I reach my dreams, can I get a job right after my graduation?

Lots of questions pop-up in my mind. My friend, Stu, once said, “21 is the phase when you start thinking. Think about things you didn’t think before. You’ll think about your future more than you did before, you’ll also think about your past to understand your failures and make plan so you won’t do the same failure again in the future. And you must start to learn how to take decisions in your life. It’s not easy, isn’t it? But, that’s the phase you have to get through.” When he said that, I just nodded and think (yes THINK!) that the things he mentioned were probably right BUT I also think about other things like, hey I might be 21 but most of my friends are one year older than me and seems like they don’t think that hard on the things he mentioned (or maybe I just don’t know), or other thoughts like 21 is not that hard, my cousins had experienced it and seemed like they enjoyed it. So what’s the difference between being 19, 20 and 21? Just one to two years difference. I don’t need to play hard with myself.

But then, I remember about my future plan about occupation, family, studies, etc. I want to work in a place I love, I want to get married after 27 years old, I want to quit from my job right after I have babies and I want to take care of them 24/7, I want to continue my study without spend any money so I want to get a full scholarship from my workplace, I want this, I want that, I want lots of things. To fulfill all of my wants, I need to take it seriously. I am not allowed to extend my first degree study, I need to get serious once I get the job that I love so the company would give me the scholarship, I should start to look for my ideal yet possible to get boyfriend or prospective husband (errrr, forget about this one).

Errr, I should stop writing now. It’s getting weird reading this post.

Dear Friend…

Aku gatau, apakah postingan kamu hari Jumat tanggal 4 Juni 2010 itu tentang kita atau bukan…

Aku gatau, apakah yang kamu maksud ‘kamu’ di sini seharusnya ‘kalian’ atau memang ‘kamu’…

Mungkin aku yang GR atau kePDan karena merasa kamu menulis tentang kita di blog kamu. Tapi, untuk siapapun tulisan kamu itu, tulisan itu membuat aku tergerak untuk nulis ini…

Kalau boleh jujur, aku kangen kita. Iya, sekali lagi aku tulis, aku kangen kita. Mungkin bukan cuma aku… Tapi, kami kangen kita. Kamu ngerti kan apa yang aku maksud dengan ‘KITA’? Kita itu ya kita. Ada aku, kamu, dan mereka. Atau mungkin kamu akan lebih ngeh kalau aku bilang “Kita = Aku + krayonku” (dan kamu tahu kan siapa yang selama ini aku sebut krayonku? coba buka goodreads-ku)

Sebenarnya ada satu hal yang mengganjal sejak dulu kita mulai jauh. Ada satu pertanyaan yang nggak pernah sekalipun berani aku tanyain ke kamu: “Kenapa?”. Iya, kenapa kamu memilih untuk menarik diri, menjaga jarak? Kenapa kamu nggak memilih untuk ngomongin semuanya sampai benar-benar jelas? Aku dan yang lain jelas nggak akan meng-ignore ataupun men-deny kamu… Nggak akan lah.

Aku nggak akan minta kamu minta maaf… Bukan kamu yang salah. Ini salah kita… Mungkin kalau kita lebih peka satu sama lain, ceritanya pasti beda. Mungkin post ini nggak akan pernah ada dan mungkin jarak antara kita tidak akan pernah menjadi sejauh ini. Tapi buatku, sudah nggak penting siapa yang harus minta maaf kepada siapa. Mungkin dengan kehadiran kamu di saat aku ataupun yang lain mengajak kamu saja, itu sudah lebih dari sebuah kata maaf untuk aku. 

Jangan dulu menyerah… Jangan dulu suruh kami untuk menghapus kamu. Jangan dulu ingin menghilang. Dan, tolong berhenti menjaga jarak. Kamu tahu sifat krayon? krayon itu tidak bisa dihapus, sayang. Sekuat apapun kamu mencoba menghapus goresan krayon di lembaran kertas, pasti masih tersisa goresannya walaupun samar. Ia tidak bisa hilang. Dan kamu tahu? Di saat kamu mewarnai dengan krayon, kamu pasti senang melihat gambarmu penuh dengan warna. Jangan sisakan jarak berwarna putih diantara dua bidang gambar kamu. Beranilah untuk mewarnai secara penuh jangan takut dua warna akan bertabrakan. Karena kamu tahu, sayang? Disaat warna krayon bertabrakan, mereka akan membuat sebuah gradasi. Dan aku yakin kamu tahu, gradasi itu membuat bidang itu semakin berwarna, variatif, dan saling mengisi… Bukan begitu?

P. S. Kami akan menunggu kamu menjawab ‘ya’ untuk kembali lagi bersama kami. Jangan lama-lama yaaaa… 🙂

Still Remember How It Feels?

Hey Ajeng!

It’s been a long time since you fell in love with someone, rite? How long? 4 years? Watta long time for not falling in love again. I know, sometimes you ask yourself: “Why it’s so hard for me to fall in love with someone?”. Recently, you even change the question with a thought: “I even forget how it feels when I fall in love…”. Hmm? Really? Are you sure that you really forget how it feels when you fall in love?

Since it’s been 4 years being single, and you still can feel the love from your best friends surrounding you, you always thought you don’t need boyfriend. But now, you just realized something. You miss something. Maybe it’s not the affection you miss. But, you miss something from your inner self… How you hardly controlled yourself every time you met him because you were just too happy just by seeing his face. How your heart suddenly being unfriendly by beating so fast until you could hear it with your ear. How you tried to hide your blushing cheeks every time he saw you. How the butterflies flew uncontrolled in your stomach. You missed them. You missed how it feels when you’re in love with someone. Just admit it, Jeng!

See, you miss those things! You don’t forget how it feels when you fell in love… Now what’s your question? Wait… I probably know the question: “When will I fall in love again?” and “With who will I fall in love?”

Bandung: Bolong-Bolong

Akhir-akhir ini, udah mood aku kacau balau sampe-sampe ada masalah sama temen deket aku, mood aku tambah dikacauin lagi sama keadaan jalan raya di Kota Bandung tercinta (KOTA BANDUNG ya, sodara-sodara. BANDUNG! Dan BANDUNG adalah salah satu KOTA BESAR di Indonesia!!)

Selama ini, karena aku nggak pernah lagi bawa mobil dan naik ojeg ke kampus, jadi aku selalu lewat rute sarijadi – gerlong – setiabudhi – ciumbuleuit. Kalo untuk masalah berangkat ke kampus, aku nggak nemuin ada kerusakan jalan yang parah banget sih. Tapi, berhubung hari ini aku ada presentasi di kelas Komunikasi Internasional jam 07:30, dan karena aku telat, terpaksa aku milih naik ojeg yang berarti rutenya adalah sarijadi – setrasari – cemara – ciumbuleuit. Yang bikin aku bener-bener kaget adalah pas masuk ke jalan setrasari, kenapa macet??? Boook!! Udah berangkat jam 7 pagi masa udah macet sih??? Ternyata oh ternyata, semua mobil berjalan lambat dikarenakan kerusakan jalan yang paraaaaahh bangeeett ditambah bekas hujan semalem sehingga jalannya becek parah, kayak kubangan!!! Si mang ojeg langganan aku sampe ngomong: “Neng, maaf ya kalo ngojegnya nggak enakeun, jalanannya rusak euy.”

Ajeng: “Iya, pak, gapapa, kok. Tapi kok parah banget gini sih pak rusaknya?”

Mang Ojeg: “Iya nih, neng. Emang sekarang jalanan di sini kayak gini rusaknya. Di sini mah masih mending, neng daripada di sukahaji. Beuh, itu mah parah pisan!”

Ajeng: “Parah gimana, pak? Kayak gini aja udah parah banget! Emang ada yang lebih parah?”

Mang Ojeg: “Ntar geura, neng. Liat sendiri ya pas lewat.”

Gila, gila, gila. Aku kan jadi wondering. Buset dah, sumpah ya, jalanan di setrasari tuh parah banget. kayanya setiap jarak 30cm tuh pasti ada lobang. Mending kalo lobangnya kecil, ini mah lobangnya gede-gede!!! Nah, yang menurut aku aja udah parah banget, masih dibilang MENDING lho sama si Mang Ojeg! Apakabar yang parahnya ya??? Sambil wondering kayak gitu, perjalanan aku sama Mang Ojeg bener-bener berasa main wahana di Dufan tau gak sih! Motornya ajrut-ajrutan! (Untung selama 2 hari ini aku udah punya waktu untuk latihan mood management. Kalo nggak, mood aku pasti udah berantakan banget hari ini).

Alhasil, aku dan si Mang Ojeg berhasil melewati ‘kubangan’ setrasari dengan selamat, bahagia, dan (puji Tuhan) tetap bersih dan nggak kotor karena kecripatan air-air yang dicipratkan oleh ban-ban mobil di sana. Dua ratus meter setelah setrasari, si Mang Ojeg, sambil memelankan laju motornya menunjuk sebuah jalan di sebelah kiri dan bilang: “Tuh! Tuh! Neng! Liat geura sukahaji rusaknya kaya gimana!”

Dan apa yang aku liat, teman-teman? Ini mah beneran kubangan!!!!! PARAH BANGET!!!! Emang beneran parah!!! Udah kaya bekas longsor tau! (lebai sih). Tapi beneran deh, untuk sebuah ukuran kota sebesar Bandung, ada kerusakan jalan separah di sukahaji itu udah keterlaluan banget, lah!

Ajeng: “Wah! Pak!!! Apaan itu???!!!” (saking shocknya jadi bego)

Mang Ojeg: “Itu jalan Sukahaji, neng. Ih neng, kalo pas hujan mah ga kliatan jalan siah, Neng! Saya mah ga berani naik motor ke sana juga.”

Ngeliat keadaan jalan Sukahaji tadi pagi yang becek-becek bekas hujan semalem aja aku udah serem. Aku nggak bisa ngebayangin deh kalo harus ke jalan Sukahaji pas hujan deres, terus banjir! Ah! Mending aku diem dipinggir jalan nunggu sampe jalanannya keliatan!

Nggak cuma rute berangkat saya yang seperti itu. Rute pulang aku ciumbuleuit – cipaganti – sukajadi – gegerkalong – sarijadi juga parah kok. Terutama di gegerkalong. Kalo angkotnya nggak berprikemanusiaan dan tetep tancap gas, dijamin orang-orang di dalem angkot pada berterbangan ke segala arah (anyway, ini udah berhasil dibuktikan oleh aku dan nanda yang waktu itu naik angkot ciroyom – sarijadi yang suka ngebut ngelewatin jalanan di gegerkalong. seriously, nanda flied couple centimeters from her seat!). Bikin pantat sakit setiap kali ngelewatin gegerkalong. Rasanya pengen cepet-cepet sampe rumah.

Pokoknya intinya sih aku kesel aja sama keadaan jalan di kota Bandung yang kaya gini. Gimana hey Pemerintah Kota Bandung? Ayo dooong!! Katanya bandung BERMARTABAT (Bersih Makmur Taat Bersahabat). Bersahabat belah mananya coba kalo jalanan kota bandung parah banget kaya gini?????

Nggak bohong deh, kalian ada yang tau SUMBEREJO nggak? Itu nama daerah di BOJONEGORO, Jawa Timur. Jarang ada yang denger kan?? Tapi sumpah ya, jalanan di sana lebih bagus daripada jalanan di Kota Bandung sekarang ini!! Please laaaahhh!! BENERIN JALANANNYA DOOONG!!! Tulang ekor saya bisa patah kalo setiap hari ajrut-ajrutan setiap kali perjalanan rumah-kampus-rumah!!!!