Left it, Love it still…

If I may have a little scrappy random thought about what have been through in almost 1 year doing my job, I would say it is not actually what I want.

People out there, my friends, my relatives, my big family, they can see me as a very lucky person for getting a job in this multi-national company. Good salary they could say. Nice working environment. What else can I ask?

I don’t ask for anything more than this. But, I found something bothering me recently. My friend asked me to help him managing her vocal group and mixing some dance songs for her dance group. Guess what I feel? Excited. Waaaaayy more excited than doing my job in office.

Further than that, I know I really miss that kind of job. I really love entertainment world. Well, yes, I am not an on-stage person. In fact, I love to stay back-stage, supporting the performer and here I am doing my office job in office hour, and having another “job” in the night and weekend. Am I tired? Yes. Lack of sleep? Definitely. But I know it would bother me more if I can’t do those things. I left radio almost one year ago. I stopped mixing songs almost one year ago. And I thought I have done with them. I was wrong. I can’t stop doing that. Think about keep practicing my mixing skill even though my friend doesn’t ask me to…

N’ah, just random post. Just knew that I really like what I did…

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