About Sarasvvati

SARASVVATI – Head in The Clouds, Fingers on Keyboard


Born: 1990

I have best friends and I have soulmates. I have foes and I have haters. Just like most of you

Currently a super duper happy Employee at a multi-national company. Used to be an Announcer (Radio DJ) on 105.9FM ARDAN RADIO Bandung. Graduated from Parahyangan Catholic University. Majoring International RelationsHead of Producer on 107.7FM UNPAR Radio Station back then when I was still in university.

Nothing’s better than go to nice places with best friends where I can sip a cup of great coffee and read good books

Mac user. Coffee fanatic. Writer wannabe. Air talent at heart. Book worm. Day dreamer. Pluviophile.

My writings are simply my ego-centric. My scenes of life. A place where I can be the role star without any anxiety that anyone would steal that role from me. No, no one could because hey, I make the scene, I direct it my self, I choose the theme song, I choose other players. It’s all about me. That’s why I love writing. Because I can be so ego-centric. Why I should care about other people if everytime the camera is rolling, that would be just me, me, and me on the screen?




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