30 Creative Writings Challenge

Hello! Welcome to my #30CreativeWritingsChallenge (well, the hashtag is soooo looong haha). This is not originally my initiative. I picked the “30 days creative writing challenge” from heckyeahtumblrchallenge years ago (well, I picked it in 2011) and obviously it took years for me to finish it. So, I decided to modifiy it a bit and make it into #30CreativeWritingsChallenge. You can browse the stories one by one by clicking the theme or else, visit my goodreads. Hope you will like it and hope I can finish it very soon. Enjoy!

List of stories:

  1. Something I love

  2. A couple.

  3. My favorite food

  4. A pair of eyeglasses.

  5. Something historical.

  6. Family.

  7. A pet who is loved ♥

  8. Something personal.

  9. A love poem!

  10. Something you hate.

  11. An adventure!

  12. A favorite memory…

  13. “Remember that time when…”

  14. Friends.


  16. FAIRIES!

  17. “The key to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” —Albert Einstien


  19. Pirate-Ninja-Zombie Wars

  20. A short fanfic.

  21. Something… erotic.

  22. Something irritating.

  23. An argument.

  24. An important conversation, in the style of a movie script.

  25. Volcanoes!

  26. Yourself.

  27. A favorite beverage.

  28. A suicide note.

  29. An idea.

  30. Triumph!

Challenged by: heckyeahtumblrchallenges

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