The Journey of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON Day 4: The D-Day at the Front Row

It’s about the fourth day we spent our time with Shaz and it was the D-Day of #IRREPLACEABLE Concert. The previous 3 days we spent with Sharon can be read by clicking THIS. So, finally the long awaited moment for us had come. We were about to see Sharon Corr playing live in front of our eyes!!!!! I and the whole team were so excited and nervous in the same time! This would be the climax of Sharon’s visit to Indonesia. We were finally able to see her on stage. So we decided to be in the very front row in the concert, we would bring the banner, and we would sing the songs as loud as we can so Shaz could hear us from the stage. Such a freay-ish groupies, right? Hahaha. We. Don’t. Care. Continue reading


Hi Shaz! It’s us again, The #IRREPLACEABLESHARON Team!!! This December we have this #IRREPLACEABLESHARON #CHRISTMASPROJECT because we miss you so much and because Christmas is so special! We’re sure you agree, don’t you? In this project, every day, one member of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON Team will post a picture on twitter. Each picture is the interpretation of your songs, and your task is to guess what song we try to interpret.

So, start from today (December 18th, 2013 in Ireland), each member of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON Team will start posting pictures on twitter start from @toshiko_iko tomorrow, followed by me (@sarasvvatii, previously @ajengsp), then we have @amandakuswandi, @diles87 is in the next day, and on the next two days you will meet our two new members: @MSandiastri and @RRSays. On the last day of this project all of us will jointly send the last picture to be interpreted by you.

In this project, we also want you to involve by guessing the songs, or maybe you can ask to Gavin (haha) or retweet it so your fans can also involve in this project. We hope you will love this project.

Hugs and Kisses,


(@amandakuswandi, @sarasvvatii, @toshiko_iko, @diles87, @MSandiastri, @RRsays)


The Journey of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON Day 3: The Exclusive Interview

It is about our third day with Sharon Corr. You can also read about the first and second day by clicking the link. The first and second day was awesome but in fact, we didn’t have too much time and opportunity to talk to Shaz too much. You know, the first day we were so nervous that we could barely say what we wanted say, while the second day it was the press conference so there were so many people surrounded her. But this third day we were going to have a lot of time to talk to Shaz! Continue reading

The Journey of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON Day 2: The Press Conference

Okay! I am going to continue the story of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON team’s journey day two. To sum up the first day, the team was finally succeed in getting Shaz’ attention, got a hug, and a picture with her. In addition, (I didn’t write it in the previous post) after we were off from the airport, later on, Shaz updated her twitter: “It’s hot here in Jakarta! Thx to the lovely ladies for coming to the airport to welcome me today! Promo and rehearsal tomorrow.” She didn’t exactly mention our twitter accounts but it was so obvious that she talked about us. We were her only fans who welcomed her at the airport. SO IT WAS DEFINITELY FOR US! It drove us crazy for sure. Can you imagine? The one you idolize the most, this person whom you thought unreachable tweeted something about you? Do not blame us for being so crazed up at that time. Continue reading

The Journey of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON Day 1: When The Team Met Their Idol

For those who read my blog and wondered, why on earth I suddenly posted tons of things related to Sharon Corr and The Corrs? Well here is the answer. On 24th of September 2013, Yovie Widianto held the Irreplaceable Concert to celebrate his 30th year dedicates himself in music industry. One of the international guests who were performed in his concert was Sharon Corr!! To welcome Sharon Corr in Indonesia, Amanda and I initiated this 30 Days #IRREPLACEABLESHARON Challenge started from 26th August 2013 to 24th September 2013. Why did we really want to welcome her? It had been 12 years since her last visit to Indonesia with her siblings. As big fans of The Corrs and Sharon Corr, it was such a long awaited moment for us to finally have her in our country again. I even bought the ticket right afer Amanda gave me the information about the concert. Continue reading


#IRREPLACEABLESHARON Day 30: @Sharon_Corr performance in #IRREPLACEABLE Concert. She was awesome! I really love her performance. But she didn’t sing songs from her solo album 😔 I waited for Butterflies and We Could Be Lovers. Anyway, this one is the last challenge of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON. I also would like to say thanks to the team for such a joyous moment. Also big thanks for Sharon Corr for these amazing 4 days, and for always giving us inspirations in music. I love you team, I love you (at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC))