Still Remember How It Feels?

Hey Ajeng!

It’s been a long time since you fell in love with someone, rite? How long? 4 years? Watta long time for not falling in love again. I know, sometimes you ask yourself: “Why it’s so hard for me to fall in love with someone?”. Recently, you even change the question with a thought: “I even forget how it feels when I fall in love…”. Hmm? Really? Are you sure that you really forget how it feels when you fall in love?

Since it’s been 4 years being single, and you still can feel the love from your best friends surrounding you, you always thought you don’t need boyfriend. But now, you just realized something. You miss something. Maybe it’s not the affection you miss. But, you miss something from your inner self… How you hardly controlled yourself every time you met him because you were just too happy just by seeing his face. How your heart suddenly being unfriendly by beating so fast until you could hear it with your ear. How you tried to hide your blushing cheeks every time he saw you. How the butterflies flew uncontrolled in your stomach. You missed them. You missed how it feels when you’re in love with someone. Just admit it, Jeng!

See, you miss those things! You don’t forget how it feels when you fell in love… Now what’s your question? Wait… I probably know the question: “When will I fall in love again?” and “With who will I fall in love?”

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