7/30: A Pet Who is Loved

Do you know what’s so nice about being rich? You can buy everything you want. I know some people out there who have this obsession for some stuffs like animals, books, stamps, coffee, etc. I once watched a reality show about animal hoarders. They keep an unusually huge number of animals as domestic pets without having ability to take care of them or even their house. Do you know why do they have no ability to take care of those stuffs? It’s because they are not rich. Do not argue me because, come on, if they got unlimited amount of money, they can buy a bigger house so those pets can have their own special room, and of course they can hire maids to clean up the mess. Life is so easy as long as you have money.

I am no different than those hoarders, I have this huge obsession to my pets. The only difference between me and them is they do not have money while I indeed have much more money than them.

Do you know how many pets I have in my home? I only have 25 pets in my home. It’s nothing compared to this woman I previously saw on TV who pets 58 cats in her home. But my pets are not just stray cats, or stray dogs, or those disgusting reptiles and insects. My pets are very special. So special that you won’t find them in any pet shops on earth. I am not exaggerating, I guarantee you won’t find them in any pet shops in the world. My pets are well-maintained, they take bath regularly, eat nutritious foods, have sufficient amount of daily workouts, have proper place to sleep, and have great time playing with me.

Let me tell you about details how I take care of my pets. I groom them regularly, all by myself. I do not bring them to grooming centre or else. It strengthens the bond between me and them if I groom them by myself. I also do not like to dress them. It is way nicer if they are not wearing clothes. Isn’t it the nature for pets not to wear clothes? Why do people bother dress their pets? For the food, I have a great cook to prepare their food. Three times a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner; also they have their snack time at 10 am and 3 pm. I even have a special mini gym for them to make sure that they can have sufficient amount of training, and of course, I have a room for them to sleep. Even, each of them have their own bed with their name on it. I am such a nice owner, aren’t I?

I also can control their population because I only buy male pets. I do not like female pets because they can be so naughty to the male pets. They can have sex without I even knowing. You know, no matter how hard you train your pets, they still have sex behind you or even sometimes, right in front of you. Then what can I do if suddenly I have more pets to be taken care of because of those female pets get pregnant? So, I chose to only buy male pets.

Among the pets I have, I do have my favourite. His name is Lorry. He’s the most handsome pet in my home and also the smartest one. I love to play with him a lot. He’s so adorable that I always hug him every time he pass by me in the living room. Lorry also loves to tease me. If I am asleep in a couch he will sit above me and start to lick me until I wake up. He also loves to take a bath. Every time he sees me come in to the bath room he will join and ask me to bathe him. He loves to play a lot. When he sees me laying lazily on the couch in the living room, he will come and bring his favourite toy and ask me to play with him. He’s so adorable isn’t he?

I have this schedule for my pets to sleep in my room, so everyday I must sleep with different pets. I do this just to make sure that they won’t be jealous to each other but special for Lorry, he must sleep with me every weekend. That’s his schedule. If Lorry stays in my room I will find a hard time to sleep because he keeps asking me to play with him all night long. I think he has unlimited amount of energy, even if I am already tired and sleepy he’s still fit and ask me to play again and again. But how can I resist him? He’s just to adorable.

The hardest part about dealing with Lorry is when I have my menstrual period. It seems like he doesn’t care and keep asking me to play with him. At the end we will still play but I have to make extra effort because it’s disgusting to have his thing in me when I am in my period.

What? Wait! Are you confuse? Ah, you think that I have sex with animal?? Haha, of course not. Have I told you that my pets are humans?

06/30: Family

Hi! My name is Rico. I do not have family. Well, maybe I had but it would be different from you, or at least my family is very different if I compare to my best friend’s, Lolita. Lolita has such a loving family; caring mom, charismatic dad, cute and nice sister. I do not have mom, dad, or siblings. Maybe I had, but I do not remember any of them. The only one I could probably call family is maybe Lolita, but she always tells me that I am her best friend. Well, let it be, for me Lolita and her family are like my own family. They raised me since I was little, and for those kindnesses they have shared, I swore that I will do anything to make them happy. I will always be there for them.

Lolita once told me about how I ended up in their house. It was such a silent morning, an ordinary silent morning. Lolita’s father happened to go to the mosque to do Morning Prayer when he saw the little me in front of their home. I was so small and weak, he could not find anyone around, my mother or my father, I do not know which one of them left me alone in front of Lolita’s house. Her father speculated that maybe my father was an irresponsible husband who left his wife alone carried me in her womb, and then my mother could not take care of me so she left me there. My parents were mean. If only I have loving parents like Lolita’s.

Since then, Lolita’s family takes care of me. Lolita said she was very happy that my father found me on that day. She said this house would be very different if I was not here. While for me, my life would have been very different if I was not with them.

When I grew up, I noticed something. I am different. I cannot speak. I can understand every single word they say, but I cannot say any of them. No matter how hard I tried, it only results a strange voice. I hated myself. Not only I cannot speak like them, I have this oddity, my hair grows in my whole body and it makes me even weirder. But, no matter how different I am, Lolita’s family still accept me the way I am. I am so lucky being raised in this family.

Today is Lolita’s 17th birthday. People say that 17th birthday is the special birthday so I want to give her something special. I walk around the house, thinking about what I should give to her. I never give her any birthday present because I do not have money to buy her any, but today is very special I have to give her something. Something she would never forget. I walk out of the house try to get some ideas. I walk and walk and walk, hoping the idea would come. I keep thinking while walking without knowing where my feet bring me to when suddenly I heard Lolita’s voice from distance, “Oh my God! Rico!!!! Get off from the street!!!!” I turn my head to see her, but before I see her, I see a car right in front of my face. It is too late. I cannot dodge, I feel my face is hit very hard then I feel an enormous weight crushing my body, then I feel nothing. But I still can see Lolita is running to me, tears come down from her eyes, makes her cheeks wet. I make her cry. I am so stupid. Hei, Lolita! It’s okay! I do not even feel anything. I am a strong boy. But Lolita keeps crying beside me. She strokes my head but I cannot feel her hand.

“Why, Rico? Why??? It is my birthday, you fool!!!” She whispers. A man awkwardly comes at her without saying anything and looks at me with a pair of eyes full of regret.

“Why, sir? WHY??? WHY DO YOU RUN OVER MY DOG???” Lolita is yelling at him. I do not know what happen after that. Slowly but surely everything is getting blurred and the only thing I see is only a massive white light blinded my eyes. No, please don’t. I don’t want to die. Not today. Today is Lolita’s birthday.

05/30: Something Historical

Indonesia 1927

A baby girl was born. A pretty baby girl, as ordinary as any other babies who were born in the same year. But she was fortunate that her family was pretty rich that later she wouldn’t have to struggle as other children at her age at that time. But she also never knew what would happen in the future. She’d never know that someday, years later she’d be loved not only by her family but also society.

Indonesia 1937

She was 10 years old. Sat in a “sekolah rakyat”, a school for Indonesian in the colonial era. She was so lucky. Not all children could go there. She was pretty and smart and nice, came from respected family, got good education. What else could she ask?

Later, she met a guy. A tall handsome guy who coincidentally had a similar name like hers. She was Soepiah, the handsome guy was Soepii. They didn’t coincidentally met. Their parents set it up. They were engaged even before they were met. As a conventional Indonesian girl, she didn’t refuse to marry this guy. She believed a Javanese old saying: “tresno jalaran soko kulino”. Love will come if you’re used to it. She believed that she’d love him and he’d love her. Nice love story, they fell in love to each other.

Both came from wealthy family. They had big home, successful business, and loving family. All of her children got good education and she was having her fifth child. Fortune started to fade. Her fifth children, a beautiful baby girl had a very high fever, days passed, the baby girl passed away. She was down but she kept strong, kept smilling and said, “she’s better up there. God will take care of her. God loves her so much so He takes her so fast.”

She was having her eighth child now. A very beautiful baby girl. Her family was still wealthy, the older children were willing to take care of the younger children. No one was jealous to each other because she treated them with equal love.

Fortune started to fade again. The land where she built her house and her business were claimed by the government. She was forced to move and only got less than a half of what she and her husband had built. She protested but she lost. She had to move, to a smaller house in a not very good place and slowly but surely the family business went bankrupt. Not long after that, her husband who was so depressed, smoked a lot and died because of tuberculosis. The last message her husband said was to find a new fine guy, he wanted her to had a much better life than now even much better than they used to had. She was in her late thirties and still beautiful, it wouldn’t be hard for her to get married again. But she was a very loyal wife. She only loved her husband and she wouldn’t remarry. Yet, she didn’t want her children suffer from poverty. If making her children prosper meant she had to work harder, she’d do it whole heartedly even if that meant she had to work harder than any women or any men. She had made her decision. She would not step back.

She made a new business. She was really good at cooking. She made a catering business. She knew reading is the gate to knowledge. She sold newspapers and magazines. She never asked her children to help her. But they voluntarily helped her. They sold her food in school, they also helped her selling newspapers and magazines after school. Turned from a wealthy children into sellers, they didn’t care if that meant helping this beloved woman they always love. She was so happy having them as their children yet she was hurt, she thought she could have done more for her children so they didn’t have to do it. Afterall, she was only a woman and a human. She had limitation, and she couldn’t do it all alone.

Fortune might not lingered on her no more. But she knew she was more fortunate than other people in the area. Most of them had no chance to get good education. With some magazines and newspapers she had, she turned a small space in her house into a library. The first library in the area.

No matter how difficult the situation was, she never thought about giving up education for her children. None of her children failed. They reached their dreams; teacher, civil servant, bank employee, and others. Thanks to her who never gave up on education.

Indonesia 1990

Things had changed a lot. Her life was much better then it was. She had 7 successful children. She harvested what she seeded. And she was having her eleventh grandchild, who’d be the most rebel grand daughter she ever had.

Indonesia 1994

She just had her twelfth grandchild from her youngest daughter. A chubby baby boy. She had nothing more to ask. She had a complete happy live up until one day, one of her daughter was sick, couldn’t be cured and passed away. Left her son alone with an unreliable dad. Lots of people showed their sympathy for her loss. But again, she tried to be strong and shared her smile and said, “God miss her. He wants to see her now. That’s why He takes her.” And so, she took care of her grandson like her own son. This time she couldn’t share equal affection to her grandchildren. But she still love them equally.

Years had been passed her eleventh grand daughter was 8 years old. She was a rebelious girl. Loved to pick a fight with boys, climbed up the wall to the roof, nothing like a nice girl at all. But she knew, she did that because she wanted to be acknowledged. She also knew that she was actually so fragile that one yell could make her cry like a baby. She only wanted someone who would care about her without judging. She won her heart.

She was not only won her grand daughter’s heart. She also won people’s heart. Since she was young up until her late 60s she never forgot to share. Not a day passed without opening a door for someone who needed it. She could make a coffee for a “becak” rider who needed a shelter when it was rain cat and dog. She could have a long conversation with a shoe repairer. She could gave a bottle of water to a “pengamen” who passed by and coughed because he was almost dehydrated. She could stayed with a person who couldn’t talk for hours, paid attention to what she was trying to say. And she never knew that she won society’s heart.

Indonesia 1999

She had to lost her child again. Her oldest son died months after his first daughter’s marriage. Now she was only an old woman who started to questioning God why did He take her son instead of her? She thought she was old enough to die compared to her son. But her sorrow only lasted for couple days. She knew, God must have had a plan for her. She spent her days with her grand children. Visited them regularly, gave them bed time stories, gave them unconditional care and love. She also shared it with society. She believed she lived to share, to be nice to others, no matter what differences that existed. She was lingers with love.

Indonesia 2000

God loves her… He finally picked her up. Her children cried, grand children couldn’t accept that, the society mourned. She might not be a heroine for her country but she was a heroine for her children. She might not be a famous motivator but she was a motivator for all of her crand children. She might not be like Mother Theresa but she was Mother Theresa for all people around her.

04/30: A Pair of Eyeglasses

A pair of glasses sprawled on a dusty desk in the corner of the class. No one had ever touched it, not even the teachers. They said years ago, the smartest student in school sat in that desk. No wonder why he wore glasses, smart student and glasses are such inseparable things. He was so smart and usually made the teachers questioning themselves every time he raised a question. Some people thought he was a nerd, a smart nerd; while most people in school thought he was weird. He was not a weirdo; the problem was his thoughts were hard to be accepted by most students and teachers in high school, or perhaps by most people.

So how did the glasses end up on the desk even after years? Reputedly, on an ordinary sunny day, this nerd went to school as usual; with his ordinary uniform, ordinary bag, ordinary shoes, ordinary glasses, but unordinary thoughts. Something always bothered his mind along his way to school. That day, he thought about weirdos. He completely did not understand why people kept calling him ‘weirdo’ or ‘kook’. He did not feel he was weird, he did not think he was a kook, he completely disagreed. From his glasses, it was them who were weird by not understanding simple thoughts he asked, it was them who was bizarre that they easily put things into black and white category while most of them are grey. Everyone is weird but him.

He arrived at school thirty minutes before the first class was started, walked to his class and went to his desk in the corner, right away. Only two or three people were already in the class when he came, and he did not even bother to greet them. They were too weird for him, as weird as any other classmates he had. He sat on his chair, took out a book titled “Beyond Good and Evil” by Nietzsche and started to read. He still had thirty minutes to read the book. He was concentrating on his book when suddenly a typical smug handsome guy and his two fellows bragged his desk. He was shocked and almost jumped off of his chair, the gang leader laughed, followed by his fellows. It was fifteen minutes before the class started. He observed the class from his glasses, class were already full of people. Those weirdos already came including these three kooks who just happened to brag his desk. He stared at the gang leader ferociously; he hated those kinds of kooks who could not understand how important reading is rather than fooling around bragging people’s desks. It was not the first time the gang leader bragged his table but it was getting unbearable and the nerd had lost his patience. The gang leader looked at him with disgust, “And why are you looking at me with anger, kook? Uh-oh, I’m so afraid. Hahahahaha.” The gang leader insulted him. He pushed his anger away and successfully calmed himself down, but he did not stop staring at the gang leader. Unexpectedly, he smiled and calmly said, “Who’s the kook? Me? But excuse me, from the glasses I am wearing right now, you’re the one, kook.” His words slapped the gang leader’s face, it hurt his pride. A kook called him a kook. That was the most insulting thing ever happened to him, he clenched his fist tried his best not to hit the nerd right on his face.

“Don’t you think it’s a matter of perception?” The nerd continued. The rest of the class started to surround them. It was such a rare moment; the nerd brought the gang leader into the imaginary fighting arena. The nerd showed his weapon for the first time: his words, his thoughts. “You always think I am the kook, the weird one, the unusual, the abnormal, or whatever it is, you name it. That, my friend, only comes from your own perspective, from your point of view, from your eyes.” He stopped for a while, noticing that he was now surrounded by his classmates. “All of you might think that I am the weirdo because we think about too many different things. Maybe you wake up in the morning, thinking about what will you have for breakfast, what are you going to buy for lunch, and where will you go after school. While I think about questions that lead me to another question. Have you ever questioned about why do the religions exist? Why there is no such a thing called world peace on earth? Why do we have to study math while we are sure we want to be an artist? And this morning, I have this question in my mind, ‘why do you think I am bizarre?’ while I think you are the bizarre ones.” His classmates narrowed their eyebrows as if they could unify them. They did not agree.

“You do not agree.” He read every single face of his classmates and continued, “Neither do I. I do not agree if you think I am bizarre. Why don’t we try to accept this simple and not weird idea: ‘we are just different’? That’s it, period. No one is weird, no one is kook.” He learned all of the face around. Most of them seemed agree with what just he said. The other still thought about the simple ide he gave. And he stopped on that face, the gang leader. His face was different with others, his face showed the mix of disagreement and anger. He whispered furiously, “Shut your mouth, up.”

“Why should I?” The nerd bravely answered. He heard his classmates started to whisper to each other, worried about him. This time they were on his side.

“Because you’re a kook, and your weird idea is sicken me!” He talked in a normal voice with an unordinary low tone. He held his anger. The calm nerd was insulted again. This stupid gang leader even cannot understand the simplest idea he offered. He chose to insult him more than before.

“Oh, I am sorry. I still wear my glasses so I still can see it crystal clear that you are, my friend, is the weird one. Or maybe, I have to put my glasses down so I can see from your perspective?” The nerd put his glasses off and put it on his desk. The stupidest thing he had ever done. His sight was very bad that after he put his glasses on the desk, he could only see abstract things. But he had this overloaded confidence. He continued his words to the gang leader, “Oh, I see it now! You’re normal! You’re not a kook!” the next thing he heard was the gang leader yelled at him and he felt something hit his head, he heard a crack in his head, and the last thing he heard was the girls in his class screamed.

The story ended there. No one never really knows what exactly happen to that nerd after that. The only thing they know is the gang leader beat up the nerd with the nearest chair he could reach. And that day was the last day people saw that nerd in school. The nerd never came back to school, not even tried to get his glasses back. And his classmates who got enlightenment on that day, those who believe in what he said before the gang leader smashed him with a chair kept his glasses on that desk to remind that every one of us is different. It has been years and the glasses is still there, reminding everyone about the story, about the lesson. But for me, the lesson is as simple as ‘do not put your glasses off if you have a bad sight, especially when a powerful person is insulted’. I do not want to end up like that nerd. I do not want to spend the rest of my life sit on a wheelchair and easily forget about things, even the name of family members. I do not want to marry a stupid spoiled girl that was ‘bought’ by my parents so they could have grandchildren. I do not want to end up like my father.

03/30: My Favorite Food

“What is your favorite food?” he asked me. That was not an easy question for me. It’s not that I don’t have any favorite food. Like most people, I have my favorite food for sure. But I don’t like answering it.

“What is my favorite food? Haha, a lot!” I answered.

Seemed like he was not satisfied with my answer. He just gave me a weird stare and gave another question.

“Oh, come on! Not that kind of answer, please.”

I kept smiling and asked whether he would give me my favorite food if I told him, no matter how hard it is to find it. He smiled and told me that he’d do anything just to get me the food as long as that would make me happy.

“Come to my place, then. Tonight. At eight.” I gave him my sweetest smile.

Five to eight. A car stopped in front of my little house. He came. I opened the door right before he knocked it.

“So where will we go to have our dinner?” He asked.

I giggled and said, “Oh, come on. Ours? I thought it’d be mine.”

“OK. It’s yours. Anything for you.”

I pulled him in and locked the door immediately. I held his hand to the dining room, started kissing him, and opened his t-shirt. He laughed.

“Hahaha! OK! I get it! Am I your dinner tonight?”

I didn’t answer, kept kissing him and opened his clothes one by one until he completely naked. I pushed his body until he laid on my table.

“Wait here.” I told him. I opened my drawer, took ropes, and back to him.

“I don’t want my dinner to run away from me.” I seduced him while I tied him on the table.

“No way, darling. Only stupid guys who don’t want to be your dinner.” He gave me a very wide smile.

After he tightly tied, I opened my clothes so both of us were completely naked.

“Are you ready?” I asked him. “If you’re ready, close your eyes…”

He closed his eyes. I took another thing from the drawer, then started kissing and licking his neck.

“Do I taste good?” He teased me.

“Super.” I answered and continued licking his chest. I rubbed his left chest. And stabbed it with a knife I took from the drawer. Once, twice, three times. So fast that he couldn’t even scream. He died.

Now, I can have my favorite food for dinner. He was right, he was my dinner.

02/30 A Couple

A girl and a boy sat together on a bench in the park while the sun was shifted to the west. They just sat there, smiling and staring at the twilight without talking to each other.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” The girl broke the silence.

The boy didn’t give a word. He just nodded.

“I always love this. The twilight, the silence, and you. I don’t feel that I live in silence every time I have this quality time.” She smiled.

Then, the boy took a notebook and a pen from his bag, wrote something and gave it to the girl: “You’re right. No word’s needed to feel this moment, isn’t it? I feel so intact.”

“Yes. I feel so intact. I don’t care that I can’t hear a thing.” The girl replied.

The boy wrote again in his notebook. “I don’t care that I can’t say a word.”

Both of them smile.

The boy moved his lips, trying to say something. But the silence remains. The girl read the boy’s lips, smiled and replied: “I love you too.”

01/30: Something I Love

You repeatedly reopened the Microsoft Word in your laptop, also repeatedly closeed it right after it was opened. You were not supposed to do any writing. Piles of documents were stacked on your table, waiting to be audited soon. But your mind wasn’t there. You didn’t even dare to care about your works.

It’s been 3 months you work in this big company, having good and promising position as well. Financially, you are really in a good state but there’s something missing in your life. You still have your social life, hang out with best friends, party on the weekend, handsome yet prospective boyfriend. But still there’s something missing.

You were 15 years old when you first stated that you wanted to be a writer. You never wanted to be a career woman; working nine to five in the office would be the last option in your life. But here you are, a successful career woman who works even more than office hours in the office.

Before moving to this company you used to be an auditor in another smaller company with less workload so you could spare your time writing short stories. Now, since you got much better salary, and much higher position, you don’t even have any willingness to stay in front of computer after working hour because your eyes too hurt to continue doing things in front of the computer and that means you have no time to write anymore. It irritates you a lot, you knew it but you ignored it. And now, you can’t curb it no more. You want to write. Tons of ideas are up roaring in your head. But above all, you know you want to do something you love. Writing.

You stared at the monitor; a blank Microsoft Word document was opened. You closed it again and sighed, “Yeah, writing is just something that I love. But money and job are something that I want for now. Let’s just finish it up. Writing can wait.”

30 Creative Writings Challenge

Hello! Welcome to my #30CreativeWritingsChallenge (well, the hashtag is soooo looong haha). This is not originally my initiative. I picked the “30 days creative writing challenge” from heckyeahtumblrchallenge years ago (well, I picked it in 2011) and obviously it took years for me to finish it. So, I decided to modifiy it a bit and make it into #30CreativeWritingsChallenge. You can browse the stories one by one by clicking the theme or else, visit my goodreads. Hope you will like it and hope I can finish it very soon. Enjoy!

List of stories:

  1. Something I love

  2. A couple.

  3. My favorite food

  4. A pair of eyeglasses.

  5. Something historical.

  6. Family.

  7. A pet who is loved ♥

  8. Something personal.

  9. A love poem!

  10. Something you hate.

  11. An adventure!

  12. A favorite memory…

  13. “Remember that time when…”

  14. Friends.


  16. FAIRIES!

  17. “The key to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” —Albert Einstien


  19. Pirate-Ninja-Zombie Wars

  20. A short fanfic.

  21. Something… erotic.

  22. Something irritating.

  23. An argument.

  24. An important conversation, in the style of a movie script.

  25. Volcanoes!

  26. Yourself.

  27. A favorite beverage.

  28. A suicide note.

  29. An idea.

  30. Triumph!

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