03/30: My Favorite Food

“What is your favorite food?” he asked me. That was not an easy question for me. It’s not that I don’t have any favorite food. Like most people, I have my favorite food for sure. But I don’t like answering it.

“What is my favorite food? Haha, a lot!” I answered.

Seemed like he was not satisfied with my answer. He just gave me a weird stare and gave another question.

“Oh, come on! Not that kind of answer, please.”

I kept smiling and asked whether he would give me my favorite food if I told him, no matter how hard it is to find it. He smiled and told me that he’d do anything just to get me the food as long as that would make me happy.

“Come to my place, then. Tonight. At eight.” I gave him my sweetest smile.

Five to eight. A car stopped in front of my little house. He came. I opened the door right before he knocked it.

“So where will we go to have our dinner?” He asked.

I giggled and said, “Oh, come on. Ours? I thought it’d be mine.”

“OK. It’s yours. Anything for you.”

I pulled him in and locked the door immediately. I held his hand to the dining room, started kissing him, and opened his t-shirt. He laughed.

“Hahaha! OK! I get it! Am I your dinner tonight?”

I didn’t answer, kept kissing him and opened his clothes one by one until he completely naked. I pushed his body until he laid on my table.

“Wait here.” I told him. I opened my drawer, took ropes, and back to him.

“I don’t want my dinner to run away from me.” I seduced him while I tied him on the table.

“No way, darling. Only stupid guys who don’t want to be your dinner.” He gave me a very wide smile.

After he tightly tied, I opened my clothes so both of us were completely naked.

“Are you ready?” I asked him. “If you’re ready, close your eyes…”

He closed his eyes. I took another thing from the drawer, then started kissing and licking his neck.

“Do I taste good?” He teased me.

“Super.” I answered and continued licking his chest. I rubbed his left chest. And stabbed it with a knife I took from the drawer. Once, twice, three times. So fast that he couldn’t even scream. He died.

Now, I can have my favorite food for dinner. He was right, he was my dinner.

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