02/30 A Couple

A girl and a boy sat together on a bench in the park while the sun was shifted to the west. They just sat there, smiling and staring at the twilight without talking to each other.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” The girl broke the silence.

The boy didn’t give a word. He just nodded.

“I always love this. The twilight, the silence, and you. I don’t feel that I live in silence every time I have this quality time.” She smiled.

Then, the boy took a notebook and a pen from his bag, wrote something and gave it to the girl: “You’re right. No word’s needed to feel this moment, isn’t it? I feel so intact.”

“Yes. I feel so intact. I don’t care that I can’t hear a thing.” The girl replied.

The boy wrote again in his notebook. “I don’t care that I can’t say a word.”

Both of them smile.

The boy moved his lips, trying to say something. But the silence remains. The girl read the boy’s lips, smiled and replied: “I love you too.”

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