Esemka: Our National Car

Time flies so fast, doesn’t it? I read my old post about the lacking jobs in Southern Europe. The post was posted on January 2011. One year ago! Haha! Happy New Year, peeps! Hope you had a great year back then and you’re living in a better year now!

I’ve got less excitement about new clothes, new shoes, or other new goods this year. But one thing excite me the most is: NEW JOB! Yes, peeps I have a new Job. I work for Castrol Indonesia. This is a whole new world for me. I say this because I’ve never been imagining myself working in an office with office hours. It’d kill me slowly. But thanks God; I’ve got a very great working environment here.

Well, I’m not gonna tell you about my new jobs and my new life. So what am I going to write??? Nothing related to new job! Hahahaha, a little bit related actually. Since Castrol is a lubricant-oil-company, than talking about cars would be related to my job :p.

Well, the thing is, I just read an article about Esemka, a brand new national car. As lots of people know,Indonesia has been well known for the consumerism habit of its citizen and it also happens in automotive sectors. Truth to be told, Indonesian people bought 870,000 cars in 2011 and in 2012 Indonesian people is predicted to buy 950,000 cars! What about the motorcycle market? It’s way much than the cars! In 2011, Indonesian bought 8.2 million bikes and predicted to buy 9 million bikes in 2012. Wow! Watta great numbers! No wonder why lots of investors start to apply investing in automotive sector inIndonesia means, it could bring Indonesia to a more competitive level as industrial country, including automotive industry. But something is bothering my mind. All of those 870,000 cars and 8.2 million bikes are not our own products! We only could assemble cars from US, Europe and of course Japan. Yet, we never had our own car company!

And just this morning I read about Esemka. A national car made by SMK students. Good. Well, can’t be compared with Toyota or maybe Honda. But pretty good. And now our ministers start stating that they will buy the car! I was cynically mumbling, “Just buy the car! It’s so cheap so you can still buy Japanese car that you want”. How can I be that cynical? Just look at our ministers’ behavior. They love extravagant things. And our national car is far from extravagant. And about the price itself, it’s only IDR 90 million for an SUV car.

Well, if I have money, maybe I’d buy this national car. But, my-recent-self, wouldn’t buy the car. I still doubt the quality and the safety of the car. So… for all the distinguished ministers, if you’ve tried the car and if it’s really good, tell the people, OK? So, we won’t be hesitate to use our own products, and once that happens, our domestic automotive industry would be better than ever! Errr, and distinguished ministers, in order to realize that, once you buy the car, USE IT, okay? Don’t let the cars just rusted in the corner of your garage. Thank you…

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