06/30: Family

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Hi! My name is Rico. I do not have family. Well, maybe I had but it would be different from you, or at least my family is very different if I compare to my best friend’s, Lolita. Lolita has such a loving family; caring mom, charismatic dad, cute and nice sister. I do not have mom, dad, or siblings. Maybe I had, but I do not remember any of them. The only one I could probably call family is maybe Lolita, but she always tells me that I am her best friend. Well, let it be, for me Lolita and her family are like my own family. They raised me since I was little, and for those kindnesses they have shared, I swore that I will do anything to make them happy. I will always be there for them.

Lolita once told me about how I ended up in their house. It was such a silent morning, an ordinary silent morning. Lolita’s father happened to go to the mosque to do Morning Prayer when he saw the little me in front of their home. I was so small and weak, he could not find anyone around, my mother or my father, I do not know which one of them left me alone in front of Lolita’s house. Her father speculated that maybe my father was an irresponsible husband who left his wife alone carried me in her womb, and then my mother could not take care of me so she left me there. My parents were mean. If only I have loving parents like Lolita’s.

Since then, Lolita’s family takes care of me. Lolita said she was very happy that my father found me on that day. She said this house would be very different if I was not here. While for me, my life would have been very different if I was not with them.

When I grew up, I noticed something. I am different. I cannot speak. I can understand every single word they say, but I cannot say any of them. No matter how hard I tried, it only results a strange voice. I hated myself. Not only I cannot speak like them, I have this oddity, my hair grows in my whole body and it makes me even weirder. But, no matter how different I am, Lolita’s family still accept me the way I am. I am so lucky being raised in this family.

Today is Lolita’s 17th birthday. People say that 17th birthday is the special birthday so I want to give her something special. I walk around the house, thinking about what I should give to her. I never give her any birthday present because I do not have money to buy her any, but today is very special I have to give her something. Something she would never forget. I walk out of the house try to get some ideas. I walk and walk and walk, hoping the idea would come. I keep thinking while walking without knowing where my feet bring me to when suddenly I heard Lolita’s voice from distance, “Oh my God! Rico!!!! Get off from the street!!!!” I turn my head to see her, but before I see her, I see a car right in front of my face. It is too late. I cannot dodge, I feel my face is hit very hard then I feel an enormous weight crushing my body, then I feel nothing. But I still can see Lolita is running to me, tears come down from her eyes, makes her cheeks wet. I make her cry. I am so stupid. Hei, Lolita! It’s okay! I do not even feel anything. I am a strong boy. But Lolita keeps crying beside me. She strokes my head but I cannot feel her hand.

“Why, Rico? Why??? It is my birthday, you fool!!!” She whispers. A man awkwardly comes at her without saying anything and looks at me with a pair of eyes full of regret.

“Why, sir? WHY??? WHY DO YOU RUN OVER MY DOG???” Lolita is yelling at him. I do not know what happen after that. Slowly but surely everything is getting blurred and the only thing I see is only a massive white light blinded my eyes. No, please don’t. I don’t want to die. Not today. Today is Lolita’s birthday.

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