7/30: A Pet Who is Loved

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Do you know what’s so nice about being rich? You can buy everything you want. I know some people out there who have this obsession for some stuffs like animals, books, stamps, coffee, etc. I once watched a reality show about animal hoarders. They keep an unusually huge number of animals as domestic pets without having ability to take care of them or even their house. Do you know why do they have no ability to take care of those stuffs? It’s because they are not rich. Do not argue me because, come on, if they got unlimited amount of money, they can buy a bigger house so those pets can have their own special room, and of course they can hire maids to clean up the mess. Life is so easy as long as you have money.

I am no different than those hoarders, I have this huge obsession to my pets. The only difference between me and them is they do not have money while I indeed have much more money than them.

Do you know how many pets I have in my home? I only have 25 pets in my home. It’s nothing compared to this woman I previously saw on TV who pets 58 cats in her home. But my pets are not just stray cats, or stray dogs, or those disgusting reptiles and insects. My pets are very special. So special that you won’t find them in any pet shops on earth. I am not exaggerating, I guarantee you won’t find them in any pet shops in the world. My pets are well-maintained, they take bath regularly, eat nutritious foods, have sufficient amount of daily workouts, have proper place to sleep, and have great time playing with me.

Let me tell you about details how I take care of my pets. I groom them regularly, all by myself. I do not bring them to grooming centre or else. It strengthens the bond between me and them if I groom them by myself. I also do not like to dress them. It is way nicer if they are not wearing clothes. Isn’t it the nature for pets not to wear clothes? Why do people bother dress their pets? For the food, I have a great cook to prepare their food. Three times a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner; also they have their snack time at 10 am and 3 pm. I even have a special mini gym for them to make sure that they can have sufficient amount of training, and of course, I have a room for them to sleep. Even, each of them have their own bed with their name on it. I am such a nice owner, aren’t I?

I also can control their population because I only buy male pets. I do not like female pets because they can be so naughty to the male pets. They can have sex without I even knowing. You know, no matter how hard you train your pets, they still have sex behind you or even sometimes, right in front of you. Then what can I do if suddenly I have more pets to be taken care of because of those female pets get pregnant? So, I chose to only buy male pets.

Among the pets I have, I do have my favourite. His name is Lorry. He’s the most handsome pet in my home and also the smartest one. I love to play with him a lot. He’s so adorable that I always hug him every time he pass by me in the living room. Lorry also loves to tease me. If I am asleep in a couch he will sit above me and start to lick me until I wake up. He also loves to take a bath. Every time he sees me come in to the bath room he will join and ask me to bathe him. He loves to play a lot. When he sees me laying lazily on the couch in the living room, he will come and bring his favourite toy and ask me to play with him. He’s so adorable isn’t he?

I have this schedule for my pets to sleep in my room, so everyday I must sleep with different pets. I do this just to make sure that they won’t be jealous to each other but special for Lorry, he must sleep with me every weekend. That’s his schedule. If Lorry stays in my room I will find a hard time to sleep because he keeps asking me to play with him all night long. I think he has unlimited amount of energy, even if I am already tired and sleepy he’s still fit and ask me to play again and again. But how can I resist him? He’s just to adorable.

The hardest part about dealing with Lorry is when I have my menstrual period. It seems like he doesn’t care and keep asking me to play with him. At the end we will still play but I have to make extra effort because it’s disgusting to have his thing in me when I am in my period.

What? Wait! Are you confuse? Ah, you think that I have sex with animal?? Haha, of course not. Have I told you that my pets are humans?

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