01/30: Something I Love

You repeatedly reopened the Microsoft Word in your laptop, also repeatedly closeed it right after it was opened. You were not supposed to do any writing. Piles of documents were stacked on your table, waiting to be audited soon. But your mind wasn’t there. You didn’t even dare to care about your works.

It’s been 3 months you work in this big company, having good and promising position as well. Financially, you are really in a good state but there’s something missing in your life. You still have your social life, hang out with best friends, party on the weekend, handsome yet prospective boyfriend. But still there’s something missing.

You were 15 years old when you first stated that you wanted to be a writer. You never wanted to be a career woman; working nine to five in the office would be the last option in your life. But here you are, a successful career woman who works even more than office hours in the office.

Before moving to this company you used to be an auditor in another smaller company with less workload so you could spare your time writing short stories. Now, since you got much better salary, and much higher position, you don’t even have any willingness to stay in front of computer after working hour because your eyes too hurt to continue doing things in front of the computer and that means you have no time to write anymore. It irritates you a lot, you knew it but you ignored it. And now, you can’t curb it no more. You want to write. Tons of ideas are up roaring in your head. But above all, you know you want to do something you love. Writing.

You stared at the monitor; a blank Microsoft Word document was opened. You closed it again and sighed, “Yeah, writing is just something that I love. But money and job are something that I want for now. Let’s just finish it up. Writing can wait.”

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