This Year Birthday Gift

March 10th was my 22nd birthday (Gosh, I’m old!!). I was not prepared to face another chapter of my life because I heard some unpleasant news days before my birthday.

But thanks God, I still got birthday surprise from my work mate. Even Kak Bornok who resigned exactly one day before my birthday was there and involved for the surprise. It really was something. And those birthday wishes from friends and family really brighten up my day.

But above all, I’ve got something more than cadeaux. I asked God days before my birthday: “Dear God, this year gift is not another lost, isn’t it?” I am always afraid of losing something (or someone) and I got a big big feeling that I’m gonna lose something. Well, yes I lose something but guess what I’ve got in return? New friends, lessons and experiences!

New friends in a totally new environment. What’s different between friends in university and workplace? in workplace, your friends are those who work with you, you’re related to them because you need their help and vice versa. But my friends here are not just working partners. We’re literally friends. I can share my stories to them, I know that they’ll cheer me up everytime I’m down (because of my own sill expectation to myself). I know I won’t be alone here.

Lessons. Working with people older than you means you can have a shortcut to know about things that will come years later. Learned about things I’ve never knew. Simply, it feels like take a peek to something I’ll face in the future. Some down feelings I’ve felt also make me learn how to deal with myself. I also learn how a company works. Oh, and I learned something about friendship and relation ship. People might come and go. But they actually never really go. It depends on you, whether you wanna keep on touch with them or not. Even if they go far far away and you can’t see their face again, they actually there with you all the time. They live in your memory. I’ve been taught lots of things.

Experience. My best teacher. How can I say experiences while It’s only been 4 months since I joined the company? It’s nothing compared to those who’ve been worked for years. But, in this 4 months I got so many chances to have more experiences than I expected (including have a face to face meeting with the Global Vice President).

And above those gift, God doesn’t even forget to taught me how to be grateful.

Dear God, thank you. I know this year will be tough. But I also know that You make it tough because you want to make me a better person, don’t You? 🙂

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