Take your time and…

Our routines sometimes bring us nowhere like running on treadmill. No matter how fast you run, how tired you are, you’ll just stay there and going nowhere. Recently, I have a same routine to do over and over again. Wake up in the morning, take a bath, go to work, start working, lunch break, work again, go home, take a break for a moment, prepare to rest, sleep, and wake up in the morning again, and so on and so forth. I forgot my hobbies, I even forgot that I really love reading and writing.

But today, right before I hit my bed, I really wanted to read something. Not reading 9gag.com but instead I chose to read a book I haven’t finished. Pages has been read and guess what? Felt like I got a slap on my face. I realized how hard I’ve tried to look perfect in my work. How I pushed myself too hard, yet it wouldn’t lead me nowhere but to an extreme weariness and more hatred to myself every time I can’t do my job better than my own expectation.

I live my recent life full of ambition. In a bad way. I want to be looked excellent while I got nothing excellent and I should’ve realized that if I expect too much about excellences, then even if I get good, I’d always want better, and if I had done better, I’d want much better. It such a never ending expectation.

The book reminds me to pull myself out of those things and give a proper service for myself in any form. Have manicure, massage, do some sport, sing, dance, write, whatever I like to get my body and soul some leisure. So here I am, finished a half of the book and writing something in my blog. And guess what? This simple thing make me even better than an hour ago when my brain was fully filled with works, deadline and expectation.

So, if you read this post and feel the same thing, why don’t you try to take your time and enjoy it with something you like? If you like to dancen then dance; if you like to write, write then; if you like to walk, go for a walk then; if you like to travel, just travel anywhere you want. Your body, your mind, your soul are fully yours, if you’ve used them hard enough, let them take a break. Do what you love, do what you like, then you’ll feel like you’ve been recharged and ready for doing any things you have to face 😀

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