Idiot Birthday Wishes for My Best Idiot :)

Kepada pelanggan Bank Sarasvvati yg terhormat, berdasarkan database yg kami miliki, hari ini adalah hari ulang tahun anda. Dengan ini, kami segenap karyawan dan management Bank Sarasvvati mengucapkan selamat ulang tahun, semoga saldo tabungan anda meningkat. AMEN!

Berikut kami lampirkan pesan khusus dr Direktur Utama Bank Sarasvvati, Ajeng Saraswati Putri, S.IP:

Dear babetos, you’re going old! Hahaha! I wish I can be with you on one of special days in your life. But this 2012 scenario tells the opposite that we’re now apart miles away so if I want to send something to you it will be costly and take time. But there’s something I am now sending with no cost and take less than a blink of an eye to be delivered: prayers and wishes. Oh, and those prayers and wishes are not delivered to you anyway, I send it to God and cc’d it to you.

I don’t have many prayers and wishes for you. The first one is I wish you won’t be change. You keep saying “people change”. Yes they are, but not you. This idiot yet fun and curious joker girl is babetos whom I know. Don’t change. Don’t stop your curiosity, it will lead you to a broader mind. Don’t stop being a fun person, this world need fun people to keep the day shine even when bad news spread. Some people see Joker as an unwanted card in card games. But if it doesn’t  exist then the card game will have less excitement, less vary, it just wouldn’t be the same. And my life, and this whole life would be totally different if you’re not here with us. Keep being babetos, because you’re worth so much for every single person you’ve known in life.

I wish you to keep being true. I don’t expect you to be true to everyone. Just be true to yourself. Hear what your mind and your heart say, others’ opinions are just references. It’s you living your life not them living your life. Keep being true to yourself, then you will know what you want and what you don’t want. And keep believing that it will lead you to the right path.

People love to judge. They can criticize but don’t let their judgement make you down. Hear the critics, ask feedbacks, admit your weakness, improve your strength. Let them see that as much as they criticize, you’re improved beyond their expectation.

Life is full of humor. Lots of funny things happen in life, bring you up and down, sometimes upside down. Face it, don’t run from it. Once you know how to walk upside down, then walk with your feet will be much easier to be done. So, if you feel God plays with you and ask you to walk upside down, don’t give up, keep walking.

I don’t know what I have to wish for. All I know is what ever it is, your choice, your wishes, your wants, are the best for you. You know yourself much better than anybody else on earth. So every single wish you say, I will say Amen to that because I believe 23 is not just the number, you’ve been a life learner for 23 years and not even a single second is wasted to learn about life, so you should have known what wish suits you the best for this year 🙂

Happy 23rd birthday babetos!!!! Sorry that I can’t give you anything but prayer. May God always bless and love you!

GBU, inaaaang :*

This Year Birthday Gift

March 10th was my 22nd birthday (Gosh, I’m old!!). I was not prepared to face another chapter of my life because I heard some unpleasant news days before my birthday.

But thanks God, I still got birthday surprise from my work mate. Even Kak Bornok who resigned exactly one day before my birthday was there and involved for the surprise. It really was something. And those birthday wishes from friends and family really brighten up my day.

But above all, I’ve got something more than cadeaux. I asked God days before my birthday: “Dear God, this year gift is not another lost, isn’t it?” I am always afraid of losing something (or someone) and I got a big big feeling that I’m gonna lose something. Well, yes I lose something but guess what I’ve got in return? New friends, lessons and experiences!

New friends in a totally new environment. What’s different between friends in university and workplace? in workplace, your friends are those who work with you, you’re related to them because you need their help and vice versa. But my friends here are not just working partners. We’re literally friends. I can share my stories to them, I know that they’ll cheer me up everytime I’m down (because of my own sill expectation to myself). I know I won’t be alone here.

Lessons. Working with people older than you means you can have a shortcut to know about things that will come years later. Learned about things I’ve never knew. Simply, it feels like take a peek to something I’ll face in the future. Some down feelings I’ve felt also make me learn how to deal with myself. I also learn how a company works. Oh, and I learned something about friendship and relation ship. People might come and go. But they actually never really go. It depends on you, whether you wanna keep on touch with them or not. Even if they go far far away and you can’t see their face again, they actually there with you all the time. They live in your memory. I’ve been taught lots of things.

Experience. My best teacher. How can I say experiences while It’s only been 4 months since I joined the company? It’s nothing compared to those who’ve been worked for years. But, in this 4 months I got so many chances to have more experiences than I expected (including have a face to face meeting with the Global Vice President).

And above those gift, God doesn’t even forget to taught me how to be grateful.

Dear God, thank you. I know this year will be tough. But I also know that You make it tough because you want to make me a better person, don’t You? 🙂

Birthday 2010 – ‘Braless Day!!’

March 10, 2010 (10-03-10): My 20th birthday (Gosh! I’m 20 now! I’m old!!!).

The night before the day, I should have been finishing my political science paper but I preferred to sleep anyway (yeay, I need some sleep after had a long night with nanda, a single-shot espresso, and those International Political Economy handouts and reading materials. we didn’t sleep all night long just to prepare ourselves for IPE exam). I didn’t even study for the political science exam. LOL. Watta bad way to end my teenager phase.

I slept without thinking whether there would be any birthday wishes or congratulation that sent to my phone or my facebook or my twitter. I don’t know why, but I just didn’t have any interest on that. Those technology advancement, for me, really made the birthday congratulation and wishes are being less meaningful (it’s not meaningless, but less meaningful, got the difference?). Thanks to facebook for reminding people to congratulate me a happy birthday even before the day! So I already got some birthday congratulation and wishes the day before my birthday. Oh, and I got birthday wishes from people that I don’t even know! Wasn’t that cool! Even a stranger knew my birthday!

OK, back to the topic. At 4 a.m. My mom woke me up and she was the first person on earth that congratulated me a happy birthday directly and lots of kisses landed on my face! The second person was my brother who sat next to me and awkwardly congratulated me a happy birthday. After that, my mom was back downstairs and my brother back to his room. And I tried to read some political science notes in my binder. At 8 o’clock, my pop phoned me (my pop works in Jakarta) to congratulated me, and he asked whether I wanted to ask my closest friend to have dinner together (of course I wanted it, dad. But since it was on exams-week, i didn’t think my friends could have dinner with us). The rest of the morning, I opened my facebook and twitter and replied for the birthday congratulations and wishes that sent by my friends. Oh! And I was sooo flattered when I opened my facebook and saw my two beloved best friend congratulated me, not on my facebook wall, but on their status. Thanks darlo, I was so happy!! You guys are so sweet that’s why I love you guys so much!!

I went to campus at 12 o’clock and continued reading my political science notes while having my lunch alone at podjok koffiee (my favorite place to have a meal). I arranged an appointment with Mute to study political science together in order to get A on that subject. So, at 1 o’clock I went to Sentra Kampus to meet mute. Anyway, Mute is a very handsome girl (sometimes I forget that she’s a girl. LOL.). She was the third person on earth who congratulated me then 🙂 not only congratulated me but she also treated me by bought me a cup of fro-yo! kekeke. I love fro-yo so much! Then, we studied together (well, actually she taught me and I just listened to her. kekekeke).

OK, at 2 o’clock we were heading to FISIP building. And looked for the room 3303 our exam room. D’oh. We had couple minutes before the exam started. And voila, at 2:30 the exam started! The exam was OK. I finished my exam then walked out the room and hey! I met Nana and Babed!! Both of them congratulated me!! Next, we were heading to FISIP park. And I saw lots of people there: My friends. I had no idea that they had a very evil idea!!!!

I sat there with ‘em, Gladys came, Babed borrowed my macbook, Nanda insist me to lend her my germany book. But still, I had no idea that they were planing to do such a ferocious thing! Until finally, Babed called me and asked me where did I save the videos of Super Junior. And I came to her, sat next to her, but then… All of my friends moved in a supersonic speed!!! One person hugged me from my back, two persons held my hands, two persons held my legs, one person tied my hair up, one person took some rope, and the others tried to tied me tight on the chair!! Gosh! What would happen??? I got a very bad feeling about this!

What I was afraid of became reality. After I tied tightly on that chair, Bejenk came, brought a bucket full of water, and, yeah! The next thing happened to me was they bathe me! They poured the water. The water was cold anyway. That wasn’t the end. Suddenly I felt something cracked on my head and there was some viscous liquid flowed from my head. No, no, no, that wasn’t my head that cracked. It’s an EGG!!! Ewh!!! DISGUSTING!!!!! If I wasn’t mistaken, there were about three eggs cracked on my head! Was that great??? I thought I was already smell and ugly (ironic, people wants to be pretty on their birthday, but I just became uglier) but for my friends that wasn’t enough! Bejenk came (again) brought a bottle of i-don’t-know-what-is-inside-the-bottle-but-for-sure-it-seems-disgusting, and yeah, you already know what happened next. That oh-my-God-FGS-it-is-so-disgusting liquid was poured to my body!!!! Wasn’t enough with that, they scattered coffee powder to me (thanks God, at least they didn’t scattered ammunition powder)!! I didn’t lie, I looked like a monster!!!!! Finished with that. They innocently left me. And I just sat alone in the park with my limbs tied on the chair, unpleasant smell, wet and disgusting. I tried hard to released my self from the rope but it was just a useless effort. They really have scouting talent, the knot was really hard to be loosen. I was so exhausted by those useless effort in making my self released. Until finally they came again.

This time, they brought a small turtle-cake (it wasn’t a cake made from turtle. it’s a cake in the form of turtle) with three candles on it. They sang happy birthday for me and asked me to blew the candle. But they still didn’t let me go. I still tied on the chair! Poor me. 

But after I blew the candle, and they fed me with that turtle-cake. I finally released! Errrr, not really anyway. They just released my hands but then let me loosed the rope by my self. While I loosened up the knot, they calmly sat couple meters from my place. But when I finally released my self, they were all running like deer!!!! SO FAST!!! I tried to catch them (even though I wouldn’t be able to catch them all, at least I got one!). The first person that being caught by me was Gladys. Once I caught her, I hugged her tight and made some dirts on her cardigan (I’m so sorry about that, dear). But, unlucky-me. The others locked them selves in the bathroom so I wouldn’t be able to catch ‘em! While I got so confuse on how to catch the other, I saw Bejenk came toward me and I quickly changed my aim and chased him! He ran so fast! Everybody ran so fast! Even Lisbeth and Bejenk locked them selves in MPM room. Don’t you think it’s unfair??? They locked them selves so I couldn’t catch them!!! But I didn’t give up! I kept knocking on the MPMs door and mimicking ghosts. LOL. I enjoyed it anyway. Kekekekeke.

OK, at the end, I gave up. I ran out of stamina. Carla, Babed and I walked to URS to cleaned me up. Babed walked right in front of me without suspect me doing anything. But she just did a very big mistake because at that time I suddenly jumped and hugged her from back. Hey, I’m a nice friend who loves to share anything including the dirts on my clothes and on my whole body!! Gotcha, dear! OK! I got 2 persons!! Hihihi.

Next, I took a bath in URS bathroom. Without soap nor shampoo. I just cleaned up with water. And finally Nanda came to URS and voila!! I hugged her!!! Gyahahahahahah! Yes! I caught 3 persons!!!! Hihihihi.

Enough with playing. I must prepare to go to Goethe. I had German course at that day. And birthday is not an excuse to miss the class. So I cleaned up (this time using soap and shampoo). But, the next problem was about to come. I didn’t bring change clothes (don’t judge that I am prepare-less! but, hey! once again i repeat: i had no idea that they’d do such a thing!). Maaaan! What should I do? I didn’t even bring any underwear!

So, I really had no choice. I stayed in the bathroom for about an hour. Freezing. Shivering. Waiting for Nana who kindly back to her boarding house to brought me some pair of clothes. Finally here she came! But the bad news was: SHE DIDN’T BRING ME ANY BRA!!! Whaaaa??? I’m not an exhibitionist who loves showing their tits to people!!!! No way! I’m not gonna get out of this bathroom!!!! But, my friends had successfully persuade me to get out from the bathroom by giving me 3 layers of clothes so my nipples would not be shown.

For God’s Sake. It was my 20th birthday. And on the first day being 20, I have to go to my German course without wearing bra. Watta great experience on the first day being 20!

Anyway, being braless was not the end of my day :). I still gotta go to Goethe. I shared some risoles for the whole class and teachers. My Mom and my Pop (who asked for a day-off from work) delivered 3 packs of risoles to Goethe. My friends congratulated me. And Herr Bambang, my German teacher played a happy birthday song for me in class. Danke Herr Bambang :D!!

After the class ended. My Dad, Mom, and My Bro asked me to have dinner with some closest friends. But, like what I said before, it was exams-week. So, most of my friends couldn’t make this. So, it was just Me, Nanda, Babed, and Nana who joined the dinner at Nyonya Rumah.

After the dinner, on my way back home. I received a phone call from: SYENI! Gosh! I missed her like hell! And she phoned me to congratulate me a happy birthday. We talked a lot that nite. I really missed her :(.

Finally we arrived at home. Babed, Nana and Nanda had a sleepover at my home. When I hit my room, guess what I found? A wrapped-small-box on my bed. I excitedly opened the box and. Voila!!!!! A NEW BLACKBERRY FOR ME!!!!! Gemini white!!! I really want that phone badly! So, my blackberry would suit my macbook! It’s all white!! I was so happy. I quickly went downstairs to say thanks to my parents and gave em kisses on their cheek.

Watta great birthdaaaayy!!! I love it!!!! >.<

Happy Birthday, Unnie :)

March 3, 2010.

To: Natya Shina Nandana

Unnie!! 😀

Joyeux anniversaire!!

I hope I’m the first person on earth that congratulate you on your 21st birthday 🙂 (but even though I’m not the first one who congratulate you, at least, I’lm the first one who sit beside you on the first second of your 21 :p)

I’m not good at writing a birthday congratulation nor wishes. But believe me, even though my wish would be standard like “wish you all the best, semoga selalu sukses, may you could be more mature, wish all your wishes are gonna come true, semoga makin sayang sama keluarga, semoga IPnya tetep 4, semoga seminar dan skripsinya lancar, etc”, all those wishes really come from my heart. I do wish the best for you, I do want to see you reach all of your dreams and being success, I do wish you could be a better person than you were.

Your happiness, for me is also my happiness… So, like what I wrote on my facebook note last year: “I’d just say ‘amin’ for your every wish”. This year, I’m gonna say the same thing: “I’d say ‘amin’ for your every wish”. You’re the one who really knows what’s the best for yourself, so I’d just let you make your wishlist, and I’ll say amin for all of them (but I won’t say ‘amin’ for your being-SNSD-member-wish because if you are one of SNSD members, it’d be so hard just to see you in person 😦 )

Last but not least, may you spend your 21 wisely, without missing or losing anything in your 21, so you’ll be more complete in your 22 next year 😉

P.S. Sorry that I can’t make a poem like I did last year. I’m not even able to say all of my wishes for you even though you’re now right in front of me. It’s kinda surprising the birthday girl is now having an Ubernachtung at my home and she’s now right beside me. But to be honest, I’m so happy that you are here. Once again, happy birthday unnie 🙂 may you spend the whole year happily 🙂

Love you, unnie smooch