A Newly Found Friend

I can’t really remember myself getting new friends (except when I just moved to new office). I might meet new people but none made it as friends so far. I don’t know how would people describe “friends”. But for me friendship is like a relationship. There should be chemistry in between two or more people to make them become friends. I don’t know how people meet new friends. They might meet a friend through apps, networking events, friend of a friend, etc. But for me friends are magical. They come at the most unexpected time.

I am not the type of person who claims someone as a friend as soon as we know each other. It takes time and it takes clicks before I know that I want to befriend them. There is no pattern on this. I can befriend a fellow introverts, but at another time I can befriend an extreme extrovert. I can befriend a bookworm, and I befriend a digital influencer. There is no pattern, there is no analysis. It was all just chemistry and clicks.

And I met a new friend. Through a way I never imagined before. Through a move of a thumb and a dance on keyboard.

There is no word to describe the newly found happiness I feel inside. It was a lie if I say that the presence doesn’t change a thing. It changes the whole thing. It changes my perspective. It changes my days. It changes my world. It changes me.

To a newly found friend who might not read this. This is not a love letter. This is just a thank you letter. Thanks for coming to my life, and give more colors to my recently black and white world.

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