Apple New Breakthrough: iOS 7

It has been a week since the beta version of apple’s iOS 7 launched. It brings so many pros and cons since its first launched in WWDC. The most unique thing about the pros and cons is it doesn’t happen between apple fans vs android or windows fans, but it happens between the apple fans itself, started from a blogger like me up to the app developer thing. Well, who am I gonna judge about this? I am not a tech geek, just an ordinary apple fangirl who loves apple since 2007. But since now internet is an open discussion and wordpress is a blog open-source, why don’t I write my point of view about this radical change called iOS 7?

It is not love at the first sight

I believe that the chemistry between me and iDevices is “love at the first sight”. Since the first time I saw iBook (the precedent of macbook), I already in love with it, even before I touched it. Same thing happened to iPod Nano, iPhone, and iPad. The best thing about apple that can make me love it before even try to use it is the design. The design of the hardware itself and also the design of the OS.

Since the first time I used computer in 1997 I only knew Windows OS and when I finally saw apple’s Mac OS in 2007, the first thing that popped up in my head was, “So what if I changed the OS? It seems so friendly.” Yes, friendly user interface has always been apple’s signature for a very long time. Same thing happened when I bought iPod Nano, iPod touch, and iPhone. I would find any difficulties even at the first time I use it. Despite of all the simplicity of how it works, the design itself helps me as a consumer believe that it wouldn’t be hard to get used to.

So, apple for me is all about love at the first sight. Unfortunately, I don’t get that at the first time I saw the UI of iOS 7. Let’s put aside those new features it brings. Let’s focus on design. I don’t find the taste of apple design in it. It is so android-ish and windows-ish. It’s like apple mixes up the UI of those two OS and brought it into it’s latest OS. What happened to apple originals? And I hate to say it but the colors choices are dull. I mean, for the calculator icon for example, how can you combine orange with dull grey? Yes, it is dull.

Great new feature but, it is buried

People judge. That’s a fact. I tried not to put a lot of weighted consideration about design to judge this new OS but, I am the typical person who loves to judge the book by its cover. And looking at the “cover” of iOS 7, makes me cynical and don’t even want to try to “taste” its new feature. I mean, most people already took a big gasped into the radical change on the design then they would talk about it unstoppably until they finally have to taste it by themselves and said, “well, it has a great feature.” Just wait until they finally unbury it. It takes time.

Maybe it’s not about technology; it’s about the “taste”

Again, despite the new feature I got a feeling that apple emphasizes the innovation (or renovation?) in the design. So, again, maybe they actually want people to know that apple wouldn’t be the same as it used to. The iOS 7 would be apple’s first page of the new episodes of iOS. But, can we just accept it? Don’t ask me. I am conventional and I love the “taste” of apple so much but this new flavor? N’ah, I won’t update my iOS 6 to iOS 7 for a long time I guess.

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