11 Things I Want from A Lover

I was tagged by Sazkia R Gaziscania. (Sazki really knows that I love being tagged. Haha)

I should’ve posted it one day after Sazki tagged me. But I was too depressed wondering about my GPA for this semester. And after I got the GPA I was too excited facing the fact that I got 3.00 haha (and honestly, I almost forgot this tag. hehehe)

Well, anyway I don’t really know what I have to write. (Wait! I know what ‘tag’ word means. But, I just have no idea about 11 things I want from a lover). I don’t really know what I want from a lover. But, I’ve thought a lot until finally I could make the lists of 11 things I want from a lover.

Well, anyway, I wanna stop crapping and here it is 11 things I want from a lover:

11 things i want from a lover
11 things i want from a lover


1. Huggable and Kissable.

I love to hug people who have average body or ‘chubby’. So it would be warm to be hugged and comfortablr of course.

2. Imam-able.

I mean the person who could guide me to the right way. Hahaha. I usually forget praying so I need a man who could reminded me to pray. Or maybe we could pray together and he become the Imam.

3. Understands Me (and all of my business)

As a youngster (LOL! am i a youngster?) I love being in organization and doing many activity. And so, I really need a man who can understand that I enjoy my activity and the one who doesn’t bother me with forbidding me doing my activities.

4. Loves Animals

Yeah, I love any kind of animals except cockroach. So, I don’t wanna have a lover who can not love animals (but it’s totally ok if he hates cockroach like me. LOL). And I really wanna break up with him IF HE DARES TO KICK MY PETS!!

5. Ready to Meet My Mom, Dad, and My Bro

It’s not easy as it heard, dear! Seriously. Getting used to my family is not easy. But that’s the deal! Be my lover and ready to be my family to.

6. Loves My Friends

One of the most precious things in my life is: my friends. So, if you love me, please love my friends, dear. They are so precious for me. I can’t even imagine living without them (in fact I can imagine living without you : it won’t be that hard. but without my friends: i am dying, babe)

7. Loves Eating, Loves Movies, Loves Reading

I love those stuffs, so I want my lover loves it too. So, we can share about the foods, the movies and of course books, magazines, literature, etc. It would be a wonderful date with some interesting discussion.

8. No Over Care, Please!

I love being cared. But I don’t like those over-care stuffs like phone every 2 hours or texting me every 5 minutes. NO DEAL WITH THAT! I hate people who do that to me. I need some quality time of myself sometimes. And I don’t need you to disturbing my quality time every 5 minutes!

9. Physically: Taller Than Me

Yup. I have no supermodels body who has 180 centimeters height. I am 170 centimeters. But, for Indonesian it’s rather difficult finding a tall man. Heuheu.

10. Connected

What I mean with connected is understands what I am talking about. So, simply, what I mean is: OPEN MINDED.

11. Not A Smoker

I don’t care whether he’s a smoker or not. But, my family don’t deal with that. So, if you wanna be my lover, approach my family, and stop being a smoker. 😀

That’s all people! And now is my turn tagging you, guys. SO,  THE LUCKY PEOPLE ARE:

  1. Ella Angelica
  2. Kak Mendi nya Kak Ncut
  3. Nadia Betops
  4. Marya ‘Miyabi’ Sutimi
  5. Indah Panda
  6. Kak Atri Anak Burung
  7. Alfis Pinguin
  8. Kak Mya Clan Saraswaty (But, she is still busy with her final thesis)
  9. Agatha CantiklinNotFrikilina
  10. And you and any others who want to take this. Haha

Do that guys! I’ll check yours!


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