Human Error: Nanda’s Blackberry Fever

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It’s been a very long time since my last time writing here. Just couple hours ago, my best friend named Nanda just came to my house. We learnt Globalism, Modernity and Nation States (Indonesian class) and made paper for Conflict Resolution assignment.

It was cool. In fact, we didn’t really study yet finish the paper. Uhm, well, Nanda did. But I didn’t.

OK, when Nanda arrived I told her that she was ruining my day by coming to my house (that’s one of my sarcasm joke). But she replied calmly: “Trust me, Jeng… I’ll brighten up your day.” What a repulsive reply! But she really brighten up my day.

It’s not because of her arrival so my day became brighter. She did (too many) stupidity in my home.

I don’t really remember the first stupid thing she did. But, what I remember is the so-called “Blackberry Fever”.

Nanda just got a call from a phone dealer in BEC. She left her sidekick slide there to be unlocked. The dealer said that the sidekick has been totally unlocked so it can be used. She was so happy. Then, I asked her about the internet. Based on what I heard and what I read, the biggest problem of unlocked sidekick is the internet connection. The GPRS doesn’t work in Indonesia. She replied my question with a fact that Icha Pagih bought a blackberry in US, she unlocked it in Indonesia and it works normal including the GPRS and internet. ah, Nanda, please. Even kids know that there’re already many people who use Blackberry, so it won’t be that hard to unlock it. But, sidekick? -errr-

After couple minutes talking crap with her. She saw the blueberry jam on the table. We had it for breakfast. Suddenly, she got up from my bed (well, we finished the paper on my bed using laptops) and shouted:

“Ajeeng, aku lapeer! Pengen makan roti isi blackberry lagii!”


Got it people? It should be:
“Ajeeng, aku lapeer! Pengen makan roti isi blueberry lagi!!!”
“Ajeeng, aku lapeer! Pengen makan roti isi blackberry lagi!!!”

Err, I know it’s my-another-unimportant-post.  But, I just want to keep it here, so I can laugh out loud every time I open it. LOL


    • yeah, terribly funny! LOL

      now, you’re talkin’ about smart, huh?
      well, yeah! the fact is : she’s smarter than me! *dammit*
      can’t humiliate her if we talk about ‘smart’. 😥

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