Got nothing to do (well, I should start studying International Relations Theories rather than browse some unimportant stuffs in internet) this morning and checked UNPAR’s official site. and found this table.

Can anyone tell me since when Idul Fitri, Christmas, Easter, and New Year are categorized as UNPAR holiday? Seems like UNPAR is the only university that gives day off to students on those days.

Why don’t they just write “National Holiday”????



I Don’t Know What I Wrote

It’s been a while since my own post is posted here, so let me write something today.

It’s kinda weird that i have no desire to start doing my seminar. I don’t wanna face diplomacy in practice, I don’t even want to go to campus and enter classes. I’m getting bored with all of these routines, wake up, take a bath, go to campus, wasting time, enter the class, lunch, chit-chat, wasting time, smoking, chit-chat, dinner, go home, browsing, sleep.

I need to be more productive!!!!! OK! I’ll start doing my seminar!!!!!

Anyway, I can’t wait until wednesday!! I’m gonna give a training to new producers of Unpar Radio Station! Be there, producers! I’m gonna be super nice to you (contrary to what I’ve done in these 2 latest years. I wasn’t a nice trainer. I was a trainee killer! LOL)

OK, I better hit my bed now. Am getting dizzy and I must off to campus early. See ya, tumblrina 🙂