The Journey of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON Day 3: The Exclusive Interview

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It is about our third day with Sharon Corr. You can also read about the first and second day by clicking the link. The first and second day was awesome but in fact, we didn’t have too much time and opportunity to talk to Shaz too much. You know, the first day we were so nervous that we could barely say what we wanted say, while the second day it was the press conference so there were so many people surrounded her. But this third day we were going to have a lot of time to talk to Shaz!

As I wrote in the previous post, at the press conference I gave Andrew our contacts so he would be able to contact us if both Shaz and he agreed to have exclusive interview with and LSPRism. One day after the press conference, I waited for any call from unknown number. The rest of the team kept reminding me to accept any phone call since I have this bad habit not answering phone calls from unknown number.

I didn’t have high hope that I would get a call since our media was not well known, in addition we also had sent the morning flower for her so at least she would still get the ‘daily dose’ of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON. But anyhow, I kept waiting until finally at twelve o’clock in the afternoon an unknown number called. I immediately picked it up and it was from the promoter, on behalf of Andrew, she asked whether I’d be available to do the exclusive interview with Sharon Corr!!! I didn’t need to think twice to give ‘yes’ as the answer! The promoter told me to stand by at the hotel where Shaz were stayed by 2 o’clock in the afternoon. I said I would be there on time. I told the rest of the team about the good news and I also received good news: LSPRism also got the exclusive interview with Shaz! Then, I got prepared to go to the venue. But something was bothering me. On the first and second day, I wore soft lenses to meet Shaz. But on that day, my eyes were irritated so I couldn’t wear soft lenses. I was afraid if Shaz wouldn’t notice I am one of the lovely ladies she met at the airport and press conference. I still wanted her to notice I was one of the #IRREPLACEBLESHARON Team. Well it was an unimportant dilemma anyway. At the end, I chose to wear glasses rather that hurting my eyes even more.

I took off from my place, picked up by Amanda. We stopped by at snap

y getting my mug with Shaz’ pic on it. Then we headed off to the hotel. We were so excited! We couldn’t stop talking about what were we going to ask in the exclusive interview (yes, we didn’t even prepare the question for her. Sorry for my unprofessional attitude). We also decided that I would play the role as the interviewer while Amanda would play the role as my photographer. We arrived at the hotel at about 1 o’clock. We still had one hour to make preparation. Amanda and I started to scribe down the questions, while we were waiting for Toshiko. Toshiko came later on with such a well-prepared material and tools. Not long after Toshiko came, a gorgeous lady came down the stairs. It was her! We knew it at the first glimpse. She was so stunning in her dress. We turned our face away because somehow we didn’t want her to see us. We were afraid that she’d think that we were such freak groupies following her to the hotel. She walked passing us by and entered to a coffee shop beside us. We took a deep breath as she came in then got panic and wondered whether she saw us or not. Time went by, and finally a representative from the promoter approached us and told us that they would let us know if our turn came. We just nodded obediently. Later, Andrew also came to us and explained the rules for exclusive interview. The interview would only be 15 minutes long. He didn’t expect any video recordings and the photographer could only take 5 pictures maximum in the first 5 to 10 minutes. We agreed. Not long after that, Shaz came out from the café and went upstairs, got prepared for the interview.

Finally, the promoter called us, telling that it was our turn to have interview with Shaz. We went upstairs and waited in a waiting room with other Medias who would also do exclusive interview with Shaz and Rick Price. It was very surprising when we found out that the Medias which got the exclusive interview were big Medias such as Rolling Stone Indonesia, Esquire Indonesia, Femina, Jawa Pos, and othe big Medias in Indonesia! Then how could we get this interview????? It was unbelievably surprising!!!!! And somehow we believe that if it wasn’t because of Shaz and Andrew, we wouldn’t get any slot for this interview. We waited for our turn when suddenly Rick Price showed up and greeted us. He was really nice and good-looking. We had a short chit-chat with Rick Price then Toshiko got this opportunity to do interview with him while Amanda and I waited for our turn to have interview with Shaz.

Minutes later, Toshiko had finished with her interview with Rick Price, sooner Amanda and I were asked to come in the room to have interview with Shaz. Amanda took Shaz pictures while I was so nervous, waiting for my turn to ask Shaz. After Amanda finished taking picture of Shaz, Shaz sat in a chair in front of me, and we started the interview! Well, I won’t write the full detail about the interview since it was also published on!


I started the interview by congratulating her for her second album and praised it. I really meant it! I love her songs from both the first and second albums. She was glad that I love her albums. The second question was about the inspiration of this album, she said she got a lot of inspiration and she also told me about the process of making the album, about the magic in making music. The next question was about the album tittle, “The Same Sun”. I asked her whether the album title means that she is still the same Sharon or not. She answered that it wasn’t the point of the album. She wasn’t the same Sharon. Even though she is the same Sharon in her body and soul, as a musician she has developed. She said that music is constant evolution, and musicians always play a song slightly different every time they perform. But, we will still hear her roots in this albu. She also told us about the story behind “The Same Sun”. She said that this album is full of moments and she was so struck by the fact that we’re all under the same sin yet we live such different life. And she also wanted to take the album to feel universal, and sun is universal.

She also shared about the story behind “Christmas Night” and “Edge of Nowhere”. The way she told us her story was so touching. I mean, it felt really personal. She looked me in the eyes and showed such a sincere expression. The “Christmas Night” is a song about how much she misses her mom every Christmas. For her, Christmas is apparently a lovely time of year but the past is more present because she can’t share that supposedly fabulous time with people that she love. While “Edge of Nowhere” is about the feeling when you feel like you’re not part of the world, you do not feel like the part of society, and you’re wondering where your home is. It’s like a paradox, where you feel you’re not welcomed is actually where you’re welcomed, and the only thing you have to do is be comfortable with yourself.

Hmmm, the next thing is supposedly to be a secret since it’s about the instrumental song. You wouldn’t find any instrumental song in her latest album, and when I asked her about it, she said it actually is there. You can find it down the line! The title is “Salamanca” and she’ll play it in her gigs. Hmmm, you better go to her concert if you want to hear this song. And for Indonesian fans, you might feel a little bit disappointed because up until now, the album is only can be bought from iTunes. But you do not have to be worried because the CD will also be released here and Indonesia is definitely be on her list of her tour!!! Yippie!!!!!

Hmmm, the next question was about her experience on stage. If you’re fan of her you must be known her song titled “Butterflies”. I asked her whether she still experience the “butterfly” feeling every time she gets on stage and she said, “YES”. She mentioned that the “butterfly” feeling is about respecting the audiences. She wants to do a good job, that’s why she gets nervous. She also said that if you’re there super confidence that must not be a powerful performance. It’s something kind of casual and performing shouldn’t be casual. It’s always a big deal.

The last two questions are more personal question actually and it’s more like our personal interest to know more about her addiction to coffee and also to know her thought about our project:

Ajeng: Do you notice about #IRREPLACEABLESHARON?

Shaz: Are you kidding? Absolutely!

Ajeng: I just wanna know how you feel about that? I mean, after years you haven’t come to Indonesia, and once the news about your coming is spread, a group of people made this #IRREPLACEABLESHARON project, how you feel about that?

Shaz: I feel very happy.

Ajeng: Really?

Shaz: Yes. I did.  It’s been 12 years since I’ve been here. And I know a lot of these people were big fans of The Corrs. They are not necessarily fans of mine. And it was just lovely to see that there are so many people out there enjoying my music as a solo artist. It means a half a lot to me. And it means a half a lot to me that fans can be so loyal. And I love chatting away with you guys on twitter, like it’s fun. You know what I mean. When I have time, I run my twitter page. Nobody else runs my twitter page. I’m on it. So, I’m on there all the time. It’s just without you guys I don’t have a gig. I need people to like my music in order for me to have a show. We work together, basically. You’re one half, I’m the other half. So without you I have nothing but my music on my own. So, it’s really, really important to me and I just thought it was a lovely idea. #IRREPLACEABLESHARON. I thought it was a really nice idea. I was going checking out all these stuff.

Ajeng: They would be very happy if they hear about this

Shaz: Yeah, it’s true. I was.

Ajeng: Okay. Maybe it would be the last question. I heard you really love coffee.

Shaz: Oh, yeaah

Ajeng: What’s your favorite coffee and have you ever tried Indonesian coffee, and how about it?

Shaz: You know what? I haven’t tried Indonesian coffee yet and that’s my next thing on my list, I think. I had coffee for breakfast but I don’t know whether it’s Indonesian.

LO: No, it wasn’t.

Shaz: Oh, that wasn’t Indonesian?

Ajeng: I should’ve brought you one.

Shaz: That would be nice. I’d like to try. But I like my coffee really strong. It’s like my husband goes, “Oh my God, the spoon is gonna stand up on that coffee.”

Ajeng: Hahahaha

Shaz: It’s ever since having my babies, I’m being so sleep deprived because I was feeding them all day long and all night long. And I got no sleep for like a hundred years. And I just needed the coffee but I’m now a total addict. But I try not to do beyond the certain amount a day because; or otherwise it will stop me sleeping. I fresh grind my own coffee every morning. grin

Ajeng: You do?!

Shaz: I’m not dedicated. I keep it in the fridge. I’m a coffee fanatic.

Ajeng: Wow.

Shaz: Hard core coffee fanatic!

Ajeng & Shaz: Hahahaha

Ajeng: I think that’s all from me. Ehm, I have something from #IRREPLACEABLESHARON Team.

Shaz: Oh really?

Ajeng: Maybe it’s not good and sophisticated. But it’s from them.

Shaz: I don’t need anything sophisticated. Whoa. Can I open it?

Ajeng: Sure. It’s simple anyway.

Shaz: Oh my God! Oh that’s cute! Are you kidding? I love this! I love this.

Ajeng: And did you receive the flower this morning?

Shaz: I just got them before I came down. Thank you so much. I just got them. They’re beautiful flowers too. Thank you.

Ajeng: Oh, you’re so welcome.

Shaz: And do you know? I keep all of these. This is a lovely memory for me. (Then, she hugged me tight. I’m serious! She hugged me!!!)

Ajeng: Hehehe

Shaz: I’d love you to call me Shaz as well. (She still hugged me. At this very moment I knew that she noticed I was @ajengsp before I changed my account into @sarasvvati because every time I mentioned her on twitter I always call her “Shaz”)

Ajeng: Oh my God. Thank you so much. Thanks for your time.

Shaz: You’re welcome.

Ajeng: Oh, you’re so gorgeous. (I know I’m being silly. But I had held this since the beginning of interview. I finally blurted it out)

Shaz: Oooh. Thank you very much. Hahaha

Ajeng: Thank you Shaz.

Oh. Mein. Gott. Oh, baby it’s not a dream it’s reality!!! I talked to my biggest idol ever and I wasn’t dreaming! And she was so nice she never stopped smiling during the interview. She was absolutely fabulous! I am so lucky being her one of her fans!! After the interview, I went outside, and it was Toshiko’s turn to have interview with her. But before that, Andrew told us that Shaz needed to have lunch then Shaz asked us is it okay for us to wait her? Why should she ask? I mean, she’s the artist, and it’s past the lunch time already. It’s her right to have a break for lunch. But she really considered about our time. She had her lunch in the room. The room service brought her lunch inside then got back outside with a plate of French fries. He told us that Shaz asked him to get the French fries for us while we waited her having her lunch. She’s so considerate! I do not eat French fries actually. But since it was from Shaz, I took one bite and it felt like, Öh my God, I eat French fries given by Shaz!” LOL. Silly. I know!

After the interview had done, Toshiko, Amanda, and I were off to look for Indonesian coffee! The next day is gonna be the D-Day of her performance, and Amanda got a backstage pass. So, we’re so going to give her Indonesian coffee when Amanda met her in backstage. Our story haven’t finished yet. Gonna keep you updated with our last day with Shaz really soon! See ya!

The Exclusive Interview & Photo are Courtesy of

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