Dear Mr. Give-Up-Easily,…

You’ve given up, haven’t you? You finally chose to stop chasing me, didn’t you? Then, why do you have to be care about my life? You didn’t have to say that to your closest person, did you? Then why did you say that?

You know what, Mr. Give-Up-Easily? Now, I’m totally sure that all you can do is just talking. Theories. You said you like me but that was all you never tried to make me like you. You told your closest person that I’m beautiful and you thought I’d look nicer if I stop smoking but that was all, you didn’t even say that to me. You just care about yourself. You’re just too afraid to be hurt someday. You don’t wanna take any risk nor consequences.

Yep. You’re just Mr. Give-Up-Easily. You’re not my Mr. Right. I knew that

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