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Hi Shaz! It’s us again, The #IRREPLACEABLESHARON Team!!! This December we have this #IRREPLACEABLESHARON #CHRISTMASPROJECT because we miss you so much and because Christmas is so special! We’re sure you agree, don’t you? In this project, every day, one member of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON Team will post a picture on twitter. Each picture is the interpretation of your songs, and your task is to guess what song we try to interpret.

So, start from today (December 18th, 2013 in Ireland), each member of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON Team will start posting pictures on twitter start from @toshiko_iko tomorrow, followed by me (@sarasvvatii, previously @ajengsp), then we have @amandakuswandi, @diles87 is in the next day, and on the next two days you will meet our two new members: @MSandiastri and @RRSays. On the last day of this project all of us will jointly send the last picture to be interpreted by you.

In this project, we also want you to involve by guessing the songs, or maybe you can ask to Gavin (haha) or retweet it so your fans can also involve in this project. We hope you will love this project.

Hugs and Kisses,


(@amandakuswandi, @sarasvvatii, @toshiko_iko, @diles87, @MSandiastri, @RRsays)


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