The Journey of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON Day 2: The Press Conference

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Okay! I am going to continue the story of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON team’s journey day two. To sum up the first day, the team was finally succeed in getting Shaz’ attention, got a hug, and a picture with her. In addition, (I didn’t write it in the previous post) after we were off from the airport, later on, Shaz updated her twitter: “It’s hot here in Jakarta! Thx to the lovely ladies for coming to the airport to welcome me today! Promo and rehearsal tomorrow.” She didn’t exactly mention our twitter accounts but it was so obvious that she talked about us. We were her only fans who welcomed her at the airport. SO IT WAS DEFINITELY FOR US! It drove us crazy for sure. Can you imagine? The one you idolize the most, this person whom you thought unreachable tweeted something about you? Do not blame us for being so crazed up at that time.

Well, let’s move on to the next day, our second day with Shaz. We got this information from Toshiko and Amanda that on 21st of September, the press conference for #IRREPLACEABLE Concert would be held in Kuningan City and it was opened for public. We had decided to attend the press conference. Well, Toshiko works in media and Amanda also used to work for media. So, basically it was not a big deal for them even if the press conference was not for public. We contacted the team again, at the end we came up with (again) four people Toshiko, Amanda, Ardiles, and I. We agreed to meet up in the venue so it would not be difficult to find one another.

The press conference was held at 2 pm. I was off from my place at 10 am and went to nearest Snapy (digital printing specialist) to print the photo I took at the airport and also printed a mug with a picture of my hand-drawing version of Shaz. For the mug itself, it needed one day to be finished, but I could get the print of my picture with Shaz right away. After that, I went to Kuningan City because Amanda was already in Kuningan City’s Starbucks.

I walked to Starbucks right after I arrived in Kuningan City to meet Amanda. We discussed unimportant things while we waited for Toshiko and Ardiles. Amanda met her two friends from the media she worked for and introduced them to me (and I already forgot their name. Sorry, my bad! I’m not good at remembering names. That won’t make me a bad person, right?). Long after that Ardiles came outstandingly because he brought his violin with him (uh, oh, and he was so good looking). Toshiko came later on with her ‘so-media-ish-style’. After joining us, Toshiko offered me to represent a media she lead, so I would get this chance to ask Shaz in the press conference! I love you, Tobiko!


Couple minutes later, we already sat in the press row waiting for our beloved Shaz to come. Each of us reminded each other to keep calm and not to be overly excited like the day before. It was couple minutes before the press conference would be started, the special performers (international class guest stars) started to appear one by one. We already saw Andien, Indonesian musician who got awarded in several international jazz events worldwide. Later, we saw Rick Price the good-looking musician with his well-known song “Heaven Knows”. Then, we saw Shaz! She was so flashy with her outfit at that time and of course the smile never fell off her face. It seems like she could never stop smiling, you know, she was born to smile, I suppose. We started whispering to each other.

“God, she’s so gorgeous.”

Me (being stupid as usual): “She? Who? Where?” Followed by this ‘I’m-so-gonna-hit-your-stupid-face-if-I-weren’t-your-friend’ expression from the rest of the team.

“Oh, I love her outfit”

“She looks so young.”

Yeah, we couldn’t stop complimenting her. The artists started to went up to the small stage to do the press conference. Everybody started to take as many pictures as they could. She wouldn’t mind to stop a while every time she heard someone called out her name, and then gave her best smile to be captured on camera. It was not difficult to get her best picture maybe. Well, I do not own a professional camera, and as matter a fact I only used my iPhone camera but I assumed that it wouldn’t be that hard to capture her best picture. The press conference went smooth. Toshiko successfully threw a question to Shaz while I asked to Yovie why he chose Sharon Corr. We asked the question on purpose. We wanted to get her attention (again). The press conference still went on when Amanda and Toshiko saw the big guy we spotted with Shaz the previous day and told me to talk to him as we assumed that this big guy was her manager. We didn’t have any intention to ask something from him. We just wanted to say ‘hi’ to him and had a little chit chat. So, Toshiko and I came toward him but suddenly the MC of press conference suddenly announced the photo session time. As a real media, Toshiko ran back to her spot to take good pictures while I kept walking to the big guy. Then…

Me: Hi!
Andrew: Hi!
Me: Still remember me? We met yesterday at the airport.
Andrew: Yeah, I still remember you.
Me: (didn’t know what to say again) Well, I just wanted to say hi. Haha.
Andrew: Haha.
Silence for couple seconds, then something popped up in my head. Thanks to my background in IR-UNPAR and radio!
Me: Uhm, well. Maybe you noticed that I am Sharon’s fan.
Andrew: Sure
Me: Today, I come here as media. So, since we already talk now, I wonder whether my media can get an exclusive interview with Sharon.
Andrew: Hmmm (give an unsure expression)
Me: Our media wants to be the first media which expose about her latest album. I know that Sharon has released her second album but that’s because I am her fan. But I haven’t heard any media in Indonesia talks about her latest album.
Andrew: From what media are you?
Andrew: What it is about?
Me: Generally it’s about entertainment. (to be honest, I had not even opened the website when Andrew asked about that so I just guessed and I thought entertainment was the safest answer)
Andrew: What kind of entertainment? Fashion? Music? Lifestyle?
Me: Entertainment in general. We have couples segments.
Andrew: And what do you want to know from the exclusive interview?
Me: All about her latest album, The Same Sun.
Andrew: (asked to Shaz’ LO) Have you heard about
LO: No.
Me: It is an independent media. It is not commercial yet.
Andrew: I see. Do you have card?
Me (being stupid AGAIN): Card? ID Card? Card? What card? (In fact, I was panic that he asked me for a card. If I had to show fostyhotty ID Card then I didn’t have it)
Andrew: Name card.
Me: Sorry, I can’t hear you. (I was still panic because I do not have fostyhotty name card as well. I only have this Castrol name card. And that would be even worse if I gave him my Castrol name card)
Andrew: (Speak slower and louder) Name card
Me: Oh, unfortunately I am new in fostyhotty so I still do not have any name card. (finally found an excuse) You need my contact, right? Would it be okay if I write it in a piece of paper?
Andrew: Oh, sure. You can just write it down.

So I ran to my bag, tear a piece of paper from my block note, wrote down my contact and Toshiko’s contact, ran back to Andrew and gave it to him. He took it then asked whether I would be free the next day because the exclusive interviews would only be scheduled the next day, and he also told me that he would let me know if he and Shaz agreed to have exclusive interview with me.

Right after giving my contact to Andrew, the press conference had done and Shaz was already surrounded by tons of her fans. I took the photo I had printed before and ran through the crowd. I wanted my photos to be signed by her. I spotted Toshiko in the middle of the crowd, also held the picture of her with Shaz to be signed. I automatically walked toward her and joined her. At that moment, I saw Ardiles also tried to get to Shaz, held his violin, demanded Shaz to sign his violin. Unfortunately, the security noticed him and tried to keep him away from Shaz. When the security grabbed him suddenly Shaz turned her face and caught the moment. Unexpectedly, Shaz also grabbed Ardiles and said, “Can I take a picture with this guy?” Oh. My. God. She saved Ardiles from the security! Then, they took picture together, and Ardiles got his violin signed by Sharon Corr! He also told Shaz that she was the reason he started to learn violin. She smiled wide and replied, “Aw, thank you. That’s awesome!” Can you imagine what did Ardiles feel at that time?

Witnessed what Ardiles got, Toshiko and I continued to get her attention. We kept calling her name, “Sharon! Sharon! Would you sign our picture?” Finally she turned her head to us and said, “Hi lovely ladies!” Wait there! I repeat, she said, “Hi lovely ladies!” She referred us as ‘lovely ladies’ in her tweet the day before. That means, she remembered us! We were so excited and asked her, “You still remember us????” She smiled while signing our photos, nodded, and replied, “Of course I remember you.” We were so flattered at that time, and then Shaz gave back our photos that have been signed by her. She also gave back the marker we gave to her for signing the photos but since we were (again) overly excited we dropped the marker in front of her and we got panic (I don’t have any idea why we were being panic at that time). Shaz calmly said, “Oh, sorry I’ll get it.” Then she bowed down to take the marker while Toshiko and I were just standing there and got no idea how to respond. She gave the marker to us and we repeatedly said sorry while she kept smiling and replied, “Oh, it is okay.” And, she continued taking picture with her other fans. We went off from the crowd with a very wide smile on our face.

We stayed in the press conference venue for a while to look at Shaz from distance. We didn’t want to disturb her all day long. Therefore, we witnessed this one media did a ‘door-stop’ to Shaz and asked about The Corrs’ reunion. She kept smiling but answered, “No”. Later on, this news was published and people assumed that it would be the end of this hope of The Corrs’ reunion. If I may give my personal opinion about this news, let’s keep hoping. I assumed that Shaz was so hectic at that moment, she also got jet-lagged, and the way this media asked is by asking her on the ‘door-stop’ so, she might only give this simple “No” to them. This “No” might refer to “no comment”. Or even if it really means no, maybe because she just avoided to talk about it too much. You know, once the topic about The Corrs is brought up, the questions become more and more.

Well, back to the story! After that, we had this small meeting discussing about what are we going to do next. We didn’t have any intention to meet her again the next day. We tried to put ourselves in her shoes. It must be kinda scary having this group of people following her anywhere she goes. We didn’t want Shaz sees us that way. But, somehow we still wanted to give her a daily dose of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON along her stay in Indonesia. So, we had this idea to give her morning flower, delivered to her room with a lovely letter written from our deepest heart. Hahaha, okay, I’m exaggerating. Basically it was just a morning message hoping that she would have such a good day and nice stay in Indonesia.

After wrote the letter, we tried to find information where she stayed so we could send the flower (along with the letter for sure). And, yes! If there’s a will, there’s a way, we managed to find where she stayed, then we bought the flower, requested to be sent at 7 am, and we went home in peace.

I still have the third day with Shaz! So, keep update, tumblrina! 😀

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