Is It What I Really Want?

You can call me the luckiest b*tch on earth for living my life. Iyap, kurang beruntung apa coba saya? Punya keluarga yang Alhamdulillah masih lengkap, punya teman-teman dekat yang hebat juga supportive, dan punya kerjaan dengan penghasilan yang lebih dari cukup untuk kehidupan di Jakarta. Almost perfect kecuali masalah jodoh (tapi mari kita kesampingkan dulu masalah jodohnya karena bukan ini yang mau saya omongin sekarang). Continue reading

2012: Not just another year that will be passed

It’s December 27 already. That means 2012 is about to reach the end. But as the year pass, like what I mention in the title, It’s not just another year that will be passed. I’ve got more than 362 days that have been through. Lessons, love, happiness, sadness, tears, joy, efforts, and dreams have been fill the days. And I believe 4 days remaining to 2013 will still be filled with more of them.

And I can’t stop thanking God for always giving me days to be lived along 2012.

Experiencing work

Maybe being a career woman is not really my dream. But having a job in a big company, lovely environment, supporting colleagues, and good salary, is such an amazing experience. Yes, I am tired and sometimes stress out. But, beneath that it leads me to be a better me. To learn more, to understand more, to make more efforts, to know that I will never get enough thing to learn if I will.

Holiday to Bali

Having a job means have money. Hahaha, yes, I use my first saving to go to Bali to visit my best-best-best-est friend on earth with my very own money.

Rendezvous with Kristy Nelwan

After years we didn’t see each other, I finally could see her in person again. Share lots of things about life, work, and love. Yes, love… My best “Love Doctor” on earth. Thanks Aunty!

Go to MINI Countryman Launching Party

Hahahaha, It’s MINI! My dream car. So, it’s normal to be over-excited about it, isn’t it?

Holiday to Tidung Island with my favorite crayon color

Maybe, it’s only Tidung Island, an Island in Thousands Islands. Maybe it’s far from luxurious holiday. But going there with SPECIAL Friends, friends who always Support me, Pray for me, Encourages me, Care for me, Inspire me, give me Advice, and Love me is another story 🙂

Knowing that My Best Friends love me that much

One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that you are loved back by those who you love. I’ve known that my best friends love me. But since life has been different after graduate from university realizing how much they love me is such another extra power to make me get through even the hardest day in this year. Thanks for always being there, thanks for being you, and thanks for loving me for who I am. I know our friendship is deeper than how people see it 🙂

Believing the Power of God, more and more

Do you know how it feels when you know that God always hear you? Maybe He doesn’t always fulfill my wishes but He knows what’s best for me, what I need, not just what I want. Even, in my darkest night, I know that He won’t leave me alone. He will send me guidance to the light. And one thing for sure, God loves me. He loves me so much.

Maybe, you see what I’ve been through in 2012 are just simple and not special. Yes, it is. But those simple thing has light up my world, I can’t thank God enough for those gifts and other gifts that I don’t write here along 2012.

So, God… Thanks for 2012. Please let me be a better person in 2013. Please don’t release my hand and don’t let me walk alone in my path. If I walk on the wrong path please hold my hand tighter and lead me to the right path. Please don’t ever let me be arrogant person. Please always remind me to realize that I am still no one and there are lots of people out there who’s better than me. Please give me virtue so I could understand more, learn more, see more, hear more, and more worthwhile. And God, let me be a delighter to people around me, don’t let me be their burden. Please let me share happiness, and joyfulness to them. Amen. 🙂

Left it, Love it still…

If I may have a little scrappy random thought about what have been through in almost 1 year doing my job, I would say it is not actually what I want.

People out there, my friends, my relatives, my big family, they can see me as a very lucky person for getting a job in this multi-national company. Good salary they could say. Nice working environment. What else can I ask?

I don’t ask for anything more than this. But, I found something bothering me recently. My friend asked me to help him managing her vocal group and mixing some dance songs for her dance group. Guess what I feel? Excited. Waaaaayy more excited than doing my job in office.

Further than that, I know I really miss that kind of job. I really love entertainment world. Well, yes, I am not an on-stage person. In fact, I love to stay back-stage, supporting the performer and here I am doing my office job in office hour, and having another “job” in the night and weekend. Am I tired? Yes. Lack of sleep? Definitely. But I know it would bother me more if I can’t do those things. I left radio almost one year ago. I stopped mixing songs almost one year ago. And I thought I have done with them. I was wrong. I can’t stop doing that. Think about keep practicing my mixing skill even though my friend doesn’t ask me to…

N’ah, just random post. Just knew that I really like what I did…

The Outdated Pen

These two days I attended marketing workshop. The workshop was kinda fun and full of tough discussion between global, regional, and country management. But, I actually won’t share anything about the workshop because I am a stingy person. I won’t let you get the same lesson! Hahaha. No, just kidding. I am not good at re-explaining things I’ve learned. But feel free to ask if you want.

What I am about to write here is just a little part of the workshop. Since the workshop was attended by global, regional, and country management, we had this introduction session to get to know each other. But the introduction was kind of different than any other introduction I had ever done. One week before the workshop, all participants accepted an email attached with some pre-work to do. One of the pre-work instructed us to bring one object which have some significance with us. That was just a simple task to do. Bring an object. But that was kind of difficult for me.

I did not know what I have to bring until the one day before workshop. I really have no idea. I thought about bringing fish because I am Pisces so fish means something for me but I could not find fish. I thought about bringing my macbook because my macbook has been “my significant other” for 4 years but it does not explain me too much it only explain that I love apple. Then I remembered about my diary! Ah damn! I did not bring my diary to Jakarta! But wait, I got an idea. What about pen?

So I chose to bring pen to the workshop. I prepared nothing. The only thing I prepared was only the pen and a book to jot down some note. I did not prepared any sweet or philosophical words to explain about the object I brought because I was pretty confident that I would not be the “lucky number one” in introduction session. So, I will steal some other sayings to beautify my introduction.

But, fate said otherwise. God really knew my bad motive to steal others’ words. No one wanted to be the lucky-number-one and somehow, every body in the room had agreed that I was the one who should start the introduction session. Well, I am a brave girl so I stood up with nothing to say except “Good morning, guys! My name is Ajeng and the object I bring today is a pen…” and the rest of my introduction was something that I could not believe came out from my mouth…

“Good morning, guys! My name is Ajeng and the object I bring today is a pen. I chose pen because I am not an expressive person. I cannot express my self well by talking or acting but once I do writing I feel like I can express every single thing in my mind, and every single thing that I feel. But maybe some of you questioning, ‘Hellooo, Jeng! It’s 2012 and you still use pen and paper? We’ve got computers and laptops!’ Yes you are right. But there is something computers cannot give. It is the emotion. If I read my old diary I will know exactly my emotion at that time from the size of the font, and the shape of my hand writing. It clearly describes what really happened back then. Computers? We won’t bother ourselves increasing and decreasing the font size and font face just to show the emotion in microsoft word. Ah, and there is something I really love about pen. If we type in our computer and we do some mistakes we can easily press backspace button and the mistakes we made was entirely vanished. But if we write with pen and we made some mistakes, no matter how hard we try to cover up the mistakes even with tip-ex, the scratch will stay there, reminding us that we made some mistakes so we can learn not to do the same mistake or more mistakes in the future. That’s all. Thank you very much.”

Beyond my own expectation, everyone in room gave me big applause. The global brand manager said, “We chose the right person to start the introduction! It’s beyond my expectation.” and the marketing regional manager said, “Ajeng, I can’t believe what I hear. A very nice saying about pen from you.”

I smiled and thanked for the compliment but then I thought, “what did i say????? Am I that inspiring?” And the answer is: “Yes, I am inspiring!” Hahaha, are you going to slap me now because now you realize this post is just me praising myself? Close the tab now. Close it now. Hahaha. Just leaving a trace in my own blog, fellas. And yes, I think I will not be able to make such a nice introduction like what I said in the workshop so, I typed it in my own blog so someday I can remember about this. Hahaha. Ciaaaooo!!!!