@elisabethpauli mentioned you on twitter

So, my idiot fellow tweeted me today:

“what’s your #qualitytime when you’re with your friends?”

She really is idiot for asking that via twitter since the answer wouldn’t be enough to be written in only 140 characters. Or is it me, who’s more idiot than her that I can’t summarize things I’m about to write here?

Well, forget about who is more idiot than who. I’m answering her question here:

Simply, my quality time is having most of my time with the person I am close to such as:

  • Doing idiotic stuffs
  • Talking nonsense
  • Having heart to heart conversation
  • Eating some yummy foods (1 food for all, makan ga makan asal ngumpul)
  • Job consultation
  • Being honest and true about everything without being afraid of accusation or judgement
  • Having conversation about life
  • Having love talks
  • Talking nonsense again
  • Doing more idiotic stuffs
  • And doing and talking whatever we want

The list doesn’t have to be done in order. The list doesn’t have to be completed. Yet, I will still have my quality time with them, because those people are just precious and my time is also precious. In conclusion I have my time and I have them with me, which means I have 2 precious things at once. Why should I ask for more?

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