Birthday 2011: Good Friends, Great Birthday!

March 10, 2011 was my 4th birthday in university. The first one was yeah, I could say so-so. The second one, my friends made an amazing race for me. Third birthday, they poured me with vomitous liquid and made me be bra-less along the day. And days ago… They give me surprises (like i always wish to have for years).

To be honest, I once told @babetos that I always wanted my friends giving me surprise in my home but then I continued, “But don’t you think it’s impossible to come to my home at 00:00 o’clock to give me surprise while my home already locked at 10 p.m.?” In addition, no one in my home stays up late except me.

So, I didn’t wish they’d come to my home just for giving me surprise and I just spend the first minutes on my birthday by replying messages in my phone from people who congratulated me happy birthday (well, I do that year to year).

And guess what? The idiots didn’t send me any messages!!!! Even @shinanandana just texted me to ask me help her editing some dance song! Another idiot, @babetos phoned me in the afternoon, and said, “Ajeeeng! Happy birthday! Gosh, I’m so sleepy. Bye!” What was in her mind at that time????? @shinanandana even worse, I called her just to make sure which part of the song should I edit, and at the end of my call she said, “Eh, un. Happy birthday.” THAT’S ALL!!!!!!! (high blood pressure alert!)

I went to campus, to the library exactly. Actually, Bejenk told me to meet him but I was busy sending emails so he went back home to sleep (damn you!). Then @nikensusanto texted me to go to Podjok Koffie. Kay! I went to Podjok Koffie and met @miitrii and @ge_napitupulu but I couldn’t find @nikensusanto. After short chit-chat with @ge_napitupulu and @miitrii, suddenly I saw someone brought a cake with candles. That person was @nikensusanto! Then, they sang me the happy birthday song! Aw, you guys are so sweet! I had no idea that you’d gimme a surprise hugs. Then we continued our chit-chat in PK until finally they had to go.

And I was alone at Podjok Koffie. Waiting for @babetos whether she’d go to ARDAN with me or not. But then, I finally went to ARDAN alone. Simply, I spent most of my time on my birthday ALONE! (nasib angkatan tua). After training session in ARDAN, @babetos (unusually) went back to her place fast! She said her schoolmate was in her place. Errr, so she wouldn’t spend even the last hours of my birthday with me? Fine! I’m getting old, I should learn to be mature and not being over-sensitive for things like this. But, I still couldn’t accept the fact that @shinanandana didn’t give anything even a nice birthday wishes!!! So I decided to give her time until midnight to congratulate me nicely!

About half to 11 p.m I arrived at home. Somehow I didn’t want to go to my room, chose to stay downstair and replied my facebook walls and twitter. I peeked my Y!M friends and I saw @shinanandana was online. She also appeared on my twitter timeline but she didn’t say happy birthday to me!!!! Darn! Almost 12, I went upstair.

I opened my room’s door. It was dark. But I saw a macbook in my room. That was weird because I brought my macbook with me. But then, when I looked down, I saw two bodies on the floor! Yeah! You’re right! @shinanandana and @babetos were there, in my room! I was so shocked so I closed the door! After took some breath, I opened the door again, and yes, they were there with a cappuccino cake (you girls know me so well!) and lots of candles. They sang a happy birthday song for me, I made a wish, blew the candles and yeaaayy! Hurraaahh! Surprise on the last minutes of my birthday in my home!!! (my wish came true!!!) But that was not the end anyway! @babetos gimme a clue: “Pojok Bahasa”. There’s a corner in my room where I put my france, german, korean, and english book. I went there and found a SCRAPBOOK!!!!! I opened it and I was so flattered reading the message and the photos. On the last page, there’s even a poem for me. Aw, (almost cried)…

But wait! That (still) wasn’t the end! @shinanandana opened the photobooth application in her mac and showed me a video. A video of @shinanandana and @babetos singing a song written and composed by me, titled “Hello My Friend”. Hwaaaaaa! If they didn’t show me the ‘behind the scene videos’ when they made the fix video of “Hello My Friend” I must’ve cried out loud because I was totally flattered by what they’ve prepared for me. Since I could not express how happy and flattered I was, I just repeatedly said tons of thanks to God for giving such friends like them.

Dear friends, thank for the surprises, thanks for being here, and above all, thanks for being you. My birthday wouldn’t be complete without you. Not just my birthday, my life wouldn’t be complete without you :).



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