“Hello, Ajeng’s Hormone’s Speaking..

If you’re looking for Ajeng, you won’t find her rite now. She’s somewhere out of her own body. And now it’s me, her hormone taking control of the whole body. I don’t even know where is she rite now. No one knows, I think.

Don’t make a mess with this person! Even though it still seems the same, it’s not “Ajeng inside”, it’s not “intel inside”, in fact she’s not a computer, so it’s impossible if I say it’s “intel inside”. It’s “hormone inside”! One wrong word could be so dangerous to your life. If you think Ajeng’s tongue is sharp, then, this time it would be sharper than before. If you think Ajeng is annoying, this time she’d be mooorreeee annoying. If you think she’s rude, she’d be much more rude. If you think she’s nice, she wouldn’t be nice. If you think she always tolerates lotta things you do, she wouldn’t give any tolerance.

Simply, she’s now very different because, once again I repeat, IT’S AJENG’S HORMONE’S SPEAKING…”

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