How People Give The Name for Their Pet (Pet Society)

Checkout your facebook and search for an application named PET SOCIETY. After you found it, join the application and start playing.

Pet Society
Pet Society

You’ll be commanded to make your pet. You can make your own pet like what you wanted it to be. You can choose the shape of its eyes, its nose, etc. And after you finished making your pet, you have to give it a name.

What I wanna tell you is there’re still many people who uses repeated-name for their pet’s name.

What I mean with repeated-name is just like my pet’s name: CIPICIPI.

And any other people who use the repeated-name are:

  • Fitri’s Pet: POPO
  • Redja’s Pet: DINGDONG
  • Rasmus’s Pet: MUMUY
  • Riany’s Pet: PITTYPITTY
  • Na‘s Pet: DUNGDUNG
  • Rino’s Pet: DAING DAING
  • Anya’s Pet: YUPYUP
  • Indah‘s Pet: PAPAN
  • Rara’s Pet: LULU
  • City’s Pet: MIMO
  • Nanda‘s Pet: CHA CHAN
  • Nia’s Pet: WIWIT
  • Deasy’s Pet: BIPBIP
  • Amanda‘s Pet: NETNET

Hihihi. It’s kinda uncreative. Hehehe.

But anyway, I have a favorite pet’s name: DR. SUNAT (Ryan‘s Pet). What a silly name! Hahahaha


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