Have The 2008 Resolutions Finished Yet?

Let me check the notes of my 2008 resolutions. Well, here they are:

·      Get GP more than 3

·      Buy a CDMA phone

·      Learn French

·      Get serious in 107.7FM Unpar Radio Station (Producer of The Year)

·      Stay in 45+

·      Successfully play 1000 miles in my keyboard

·      Diminish my weight

Let me see what I’ve done:

·      Bought a CDMA phone

·      Learned French

I completed the level 1 in CCF. Howraaaayy

·      Got serious in 107.7FM Unpar Radio Station (Producer of The Year)

I wasn’t confidence that I can complete this resolution (in fact there’re many better producers in URS). But, thanks God; those hard works were paid with that award.

·      Successfully played 1000 miles in my keyboard

It took years to finally realizing this! Seriously! Two years ago, I just could play the intro. Last year, no progress at all! But, this year I finally made it!! Hehehe. It felt like all my blood rushed into my heart uncontrollable when I could play the full song!

·      Diminished my weight

Now I believe what my grandma said 8 years ago : “When you’re in college, Your weight will be decrease. Trust me, dear…”. I didn’t believe at all and yet when I was junior high and senior high, it seemed like there’re wouldn’t be any changes to my body. So I just thought that my grandma was lying. She just wanted me not to be worrying about my appearance (The positive side after I got the thought is I never be too worrying about my weights). But, now I already in college, and I just found out I lost my weight (even though it’s not drastically lost, but, yes, I did). Just couple kilos, but… Well, I did it…

Well, now let’s talk about what I haven’t done:

·      Get GP more than 3

Last semester I just got 2.8 (0.2 to go, baby!). This semester? Hmm, based on what I did in final exam, I have no confidence to say that I’ll complete this resolution. Huhu

·      Stay in 45+

I should’ve been able to teach there every Sunday. But, I just (act like I was) too busy with my other activity so I preferred to got vacuum there. Huhuhu.

Well, over all I got 5 out of 7!

A lot better than last year resolution. For your information, last year I just got 1 out of 10! Hahahaha..

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