The Journey of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON Day 4: The D-Day at the Front Row

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It’s about the fourth day we spent our time with Shaz and it was the D-Day of #IRREPLACEABLE Concert. The previous 3 days we spent with Sharon can be read by clicking THIS. So, finally the long awaited moment for us had come. We were about to see Sharon Corr playing live in front of our eyes!!!!! I and the whole team were so excited and nervous in the same time! This would be the climax of Sharon’s visit to Indonesia. We were finally able to see her on stage. So we decided to be in the very front row in the concert, we would bring the banner, and we would sing the songs as loud as we can so Shaz could hear us from the stage. Such a freay-ish groupies, right? Hahaha. We. Don’t. Care.


Anyway, Amanda got a backstage pass for the concert so she would be able to meet up with the lineup artists. So, the team bought 2 small packs of Indonesian coffee bean (no, it’s not Kpl Ap* or Trabka, or any of those commercially famous coffee, it’s a high quality coffee bean from Bandung and I guarantee it will taste very good) to be given to her. The next day, to the concert we brought this little gift contains 2 small packs of Indonesian Coffee and cute little dolls (the dolls are from Amanda) for her. Since Amanda got the backstage pass, she was the one who brought the gift. Unfortunately Shaz didn’t want to accept any guest before she performed, but Amanda met Andrew (the manager) and gave the gift to Andrew, asked him to lend us a hand to give the gift to Shaz. He agreed and Amanda joined us again in the front row!

We kept talking about Shaz and tried guessing what song will she performed that day. Most of us believe that she’d perform The Corrs songs and maybe she’d perform one song from her first album. The concert started, and we couldn’t wait to see Shaz on stage until finally after some performance from Yovie and Friends, when the light was off Andrew went on stage to prepare the stand mic for Shaz. At that moment, we really knew that Shaz would perform in no time! While Andrew was preparing the stand mic, we already started to yelled out her name (we even started to called out Andrew’s name. LOL). And we were right, after that, the gorgeous lady came out from the back wing and started to play one of my favorite instrumental songs: “Toss The Feather”!! We went crazy right away (you can watch the video here)! We couldn’t stop calling out her name “Shaaaazz!”, “Sharon!!”, “Sharon Corr!!!!”. Yes, like I said before we went crazy! And do you know what drove us even crazier? She slightly stared at us and gave her smiles at us for couples of times. She really knows how to treat her fans!

Shaz performed 4 songs in total: Toss The Feather, Radio, So Young, and Yes We Can (duet with Andien) and we sang along as loud as we could. Even we sang the backing vocal part! After she finished, she went to back stage right away, not even waved good bye to us. It was such a very broken hearted moment for us. Because it felt like it was an anti-climax moment. Oh, come on, the earlier 3 days are much better because we felt so close to us but at the end, it was ended just like that. Nothing special. After her performance, we tried our best to keep excited for the rest of the concert, but it didn’t really work because we thought it was over, and it was anti-climax. But, we were wrong!

We stayed until the end of the concert. Then, for the last song, all the performers came back on stage! We tried to look for Shaz and we spotted her at the right wing. And guess what, she stared at us (yes, she did!) and gave her smile as if she said, “Haha! I got you, guys! I noticed you were there!”


She started to walk on stage from the right wing, and she didn’t stop smiling and staring at us. After she got on stage again, she waved at us! At that moment we were really sure that she really noticed we were there! After the last song finished, one by one left the stage. Shaz was about to leave the stage when Rio Febrian came toward her to say thank you, then Rio left the stage, but Shaz didn’t. She walked to the very front stage, she walked toward us! And then… She said, “Hi guys!” OH MON DIEU! OH MEIN GOT! OH MY GOD!!!!!! She greeted us in front of all the audiences!!!!!!!! She said that she had received the gift, she thanked us for the gift, and she said she will see us again in 2014!!!!! That anti-climax feeling we felt before disappeared and we felt so special! I hardly describe our feeling at that moment. We never imagined that our idol greeted us on stage, in front of other audiences. We never imagined that. Not in a million time. But it was really happened.

And that night, we went home with a very big smile on our face. These 4 days are special. These 4 days would be the most unforgettable moment of our life. And these 4 days are #IRREPLACEABLE.


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