To My One Year Older Unnie

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Dear My Best Unnie on Planet,

I’ve known you for as long as I remember and there’s no other person deserving of having a perfect day like you today because it’s your birthday! Yeaaaayy!!! Happy turning 26, Unyu! Since we always share everything, everything yours means mine as well, so your birthday is a special day for me too, and this year’s birthday even be more special because we finally in one country again! Even though I can’t give you surprise and I believe that I’m not the first one congratulating you today, but I’m sure I’ll be the one and only who post this long and sweet message for you. LOL.

You know how much I care and love you, right Un? You’re not just a best friend to me, you’re my best adviser, my shoulder to cry on, my great teacher, my effective mood booster, my inspiration, my role model, above all, you’re like my long lost sister that I finally found and I am very thankful for having you in my life. So, I want to take your birthday as an opportunity to thank you for all that you are for me.

Un, thanks for sharing everything (LITERALLY EVERYTHING) you have. You share your bed every time I need a place to stay, you share your clothes every time I can’t find any nice clothes to wear on special occasions, you share the joy of being a part of your family (yes, your family is like my own family), you share your precious time every time I need you no matter how busy and hectic you are, and you share the pleasure of having someone I love and trust as much as I do myself. Thanks Un. Thank you. And thanks for keep being you and stay beside me through thick and thin. Words are never enough to thank God for giving me a wonderful person like you to be my Unnie.

There’s one wish I always have in your every birthday: “I wish you to be happy”. I know how ambitious you are, and how important it is for you to make everyone you love happy and proud of you. I know it well, and I want you to also know what important to us is to see you happy. You’re one of the most intelligent young women I’ve ever met, you’re also super talented, and even with that gifted-talent you always aim to be the best in every field you’re in. You always strive for the best and won’t hold back. You won’t hesitate to go extra-miles to make us proud, and as long as I know you, you’ve proved that you can always make all people you love (including me) proud. So dear, if you need to take a little break, please do. Because no matter how proud and happy we are, it means nothing if you are not happy. So, I really wish that you’ll pass your 26 happily, even happier than years before.

I wish you will always be Natya Shina Nandana that I know. The caring Nanda, who’ll scold me so I can be a better person. The good-listener Nanda, who will to listen to all my stories. The delighter Nanda, who always successfully turns my frown upside-down. The optimist Nanda, who inspires me to believe that I can do things I thought I can’t. The positive Nanda, who can always see positive things in every individual. And, please stay being my Nanda Unnie, the Unnie who always lend me arms to lean on, the Unnie who never give up on me, the one and only Unnie that I love as much as I love myself.

I wish that you’ll get what you want and need this year for your better future. May you soon get your dream job and can start a new experience in your new age. I know you really want to start your career in media industry and I will totally support you in your career, like what you always do since my first day at work until now. And may any challanges you’ll face during your career path make you a better person profesionally and personally.

I also wish you to get as much love as you give to people around you. You’re such a lovely young woman who will to give your all to the people you love. I wish you to get at least the same as you give.

Un, I always believe that someday in the near future you’ll be a very successful woman. I wish I always will be at your side and I can help you to reach all your dreams, I wish I will always be there to help you survive through the bad times, I wish I can always be your shoulder to cry on, a friend to rely on, and anything that you need.

I wish that whatever happen in the future, we’ll always be there for each other. Like we always do all these years. Let’s keep supporting and inspiring each other!

I know I am still far from being a very good friend to you. I still have problems with mood swings, I easily get mad at you, suddenly don’t wanna talk to you just because of small stuffs, etc. I know and I’m very aware of this. Sorry ya, Un for not being a good friend and Unnie for you. You can see now who’s the older sister, huh? I’m too childish to play the older role hehehe. So, I have this secret wish that I could be the greatest friend in the world, but there is no way to be a better friend than you are 🙂

IMG_5612Once again, happy birthday Unyuuuu! I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you!!!!! I will give you tight hugs and thousands of kisses once I see you!!! Miss you already! May you have a splendid day in your special day, and may you have a year full of joy!


Your Unyu Paus

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