Hi guys! @sharon_corr fan in Indonesia must be know that Sharon will perform in Konser Takkan Terganti Yovie (#IRREPLACEABLE Concert) in Jakarta on September 24. To welcome our lovely Sharon, I and @amandakuswandi make this 30 days #IRREPLACEABLESHARON challenge!
If you’re a big fan of Sharon, we would be very happy if you participate the challenge. The challenge will be started on August 26 and finish right on the IRREPLACEABLE Concert.

Bellow is the challenge:
In 30 days, start on August 26, you have to post:

Day 1: Favorite picture of Sharon
Day 2: Favorite album cover of The Corrs
Day 3: Your similarities with Sharon
Day 4: Post a fun fact about Sharon
Day 5: Favorite picture of Jim Corr
Day 6: Post a picture of mini Sharon
Day 7: Favorite line from The Corrs
Day 8: Favorite performance of Sharon in The Corrs
Day 9: Favorite song of The Corrs
Day 10: Draw a pic of Sharon
Day 11: Favorite song created by Sharon
Day 12: Favorite additional player pf The Corrs
Day 13: Best Sharon’s outfit
Day 14: Favorite The Corrs concert
Day 15: Favorite picture of Caroline Corr
Day 16: Favorite Sharon’s violin
Day 17: Best performance of Sharon
Day 18: Sharon with one of her siblings
Day 19: Favorite documentary movie of The Corrs
Day 20: Make a good collage from Sharon’s picture
Day 21: Favorite The Corrs’ middle name
Day 22: Best of The Voice performance
Day 23: Favorite The Corrs MV
Day 24: Favorite artist featured with The Corrs
Day 25: Favorite Sharon’s smile
Day 26: Favorite picture of Andrea Corr
Day 27: Favorite The Corrs instrument
Day 28: Favorite Sharon’s concert
Day 29: Write a love letter to Sharon
Day 30: Post a picture of Sharon stage act in JCC

Do not forget to put the mandatory hashtag: #IRREPLACEABLESHARON and share it also on other social media/blog you have (facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc). Hopefully, Sharon will notice and know how much we love her 🙂

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Ajeng and Amanda

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