#IRREPLACEABLESHARON Day 30: @Sharon_Corr performance in #IRREPLACEABLE Concert. She was awesome! I really love her performance. But she didn’t sing songs from her solo album 😔 I waited for Butterflies and We Could Be Lovers. Anyway, this one is the last challenge of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON. I also would like to say thanks to the team for such a joyous moment. Also big thanks for Sharon Corr for these amazing 4 days, and for always giving us inspirations in music. I love you team, I love you (at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC))


#IRREPLACEABLESHARON Day 14: favorite The Corrs concert . Cc: @Sharon_Corr . The Corrs Live in Indonesia! Even though I didn’t come and see them on the concert because I was still 11 years old and my mommy didn’t allow me to, but imagining them played and had fun in my country is such an exciting moment. I repeatedly play the video downloaded from youtube. Cannot wait to see them having a concert in Indonesia once again! And I will come to their concert! I promise!


Hi guys! @sharon_corr fan in Indonesia must be know that Sharon will perform in Konser Takkan Terganti Yovie (#IRREPLACEABLE Concert) in Jakarta on September 24. To welcome our lovely Sharon, I and @amandakuswandi make this 30 days #IRREPLACEABLESHARON challenge!
If you’re a big fan of Sharon, we would be very happy if you participate the challenge. The challenge will be started on August 26 and finish right on the IRREPLACEABLE Concert. Continue reading