The Bridge

There was a bridge stretched between us. You were alone across the bridge, I waved my hand so you could see there was someone on the opposite. You smiled, the smile of our hello, the smile that brought us in the middle of the bridge, the smile I would not forget.

The bridge was the only witness of the joy we shared, stories uttered, laughter bursted, also admiration and the love I hid.

One day, I waited you in the middle of the bridge and I saw you ran to me. “I found my angel!” You yelled from distance. Your eyes shone by admiration. I blushed and smiled wide. Were you that stupid and took so long to realized that your angel has been waiting here, in the middle of the bridge?

You finally reached me, held my hand and said, “You have to meet her. You have to meet my angel!” You pulled my hand and ran to the end of the bridge. I saw someone with a pair of beautiful white wings waiting at the end of the bridge. She was your angel. Your angel wasn’t me, and it has never been me.

The next day, I brought a torch to the bridge. I walked across to your place and I found you with your angel. I called your name, waved, and walked back to the bridge. That would be my last wave for you before I burn the bridge. I would not see you again.

I lit the fire in the middle of the bridge. The fire started to spread when I heard your voice calling my name, you ran to stop the fire. But it was too late. It collapsed right before you reach the middle. I drowned, but you were safe.

Ages has passed. I survived and walked my path nowhere near you. Until one day, I did not know how, my feet brought me to a place I knew, to the bridge I burned. I narrowed my eyes across the collapsed bridge. You were still there, you were alone. The memories rushed back, and I realized something. I could burn the bridge, but I could not burn the memories. I could close my eyes to things I do not want to see, but I could not close my heart to things I do not want to feel.

I turned about and started to walk against the bridge. This time not to flee. I would come back here with a lot of woods, to build a new bridge, to start a new hello, to feel once again the love for you.

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