So, I Heard About Davis…

Blackberry just launched a new line-up for its Curve series in Indonesia. Yes people, please welcome Blackberry Curve 9220 or Davis!!! *applause*

Smartphone BlackBerry Curve 9220

Seems familiar, huh? Let me remind you to Curve 8520 or Gemini

And also Curve 9300 or Kepler

Yeay! oh my God! I’m so excited!! Yeaaaahh!! Err, actually not really excited. Okay! I admit it! I don’t get excited at all!! I am not a big fan of Blackberry nor RIM. But yes, I am a blackberry user and when I finally saw Davis, the only thing that popped-up in my mind was, “Okay, another upgraded Gemini”. What’s so interesting about this, man? I mean, hello, they just launched a new line-up for curve named Apollo (Curve 9360) with such an elegant design and good performance, then they launched another line-up with downgraded specs?

Here, I won’t talk about design anyway. Maybe there’re some people out there who love those Gemini-sh design rather than Apollo-ish. In fact, seems like Davis tried to make a fusion of Gemini style and Apollo by combining Gemini body and Apollo menu key. And maybe lots of people out there just love that kind of design while for me, it far from good.

Now, talk about the upgrades. Looking at the appearance of this Davis, I couldn’t stand not to compare it to the latest Gemini-sh style blackberry: Kepler. OK, now compared to Kepler, what’s new in Davis? Let’s see, fellas!

The OS | Wow! wow! wow! OS 7 is installed in this new blackberry!!! Like any other new line-up it has already installed with OS 7 (which I found have more rounded icons compared to OS 6. Other features? I don’t know whether it’s cooler or just so-so)

FM Radio | I heard it has internal (integrated) FM radio. But I don’t know since it was also written “If the FM service is available” at the bottom of blackberry website.

Larger Internal Memory | Davis has 512MB internal memory while Kepler only has 256MB internal memory.

Better Battery Life | Not sure about this. But RIM claimed it has up to 7 hours talk time.

5x Digital Zoom | Yeah, ready to stalk people and take there photo secretly with this 5x digital zoom feature? Oh, sorry, can’t guarantee the picture’s quality since it still 2MP camera. Sorry, I thought most phones now integrated with at least 3.2MP camera or even 5MP.

BBM key shortcut | Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! Wow! a BBM key shortcut!!! wait! let me give you the picture: Can you see that? Can you? There’s a convenience key and a small text written: BBM. A special button for a shortcut to Blackberry Messenger! What a revolutionary idea (You know I’m being cynical, don’t you?)!! Oh pleaaasseeee!! You can even make that kind of shortcut for your old Gemini and your not-too-old Kepler! Just go to the “Option”, choose “Device”, choose “Convenience Key” and change your left Convenience Key setting from voice mail to BBM. That simple!

Well, those upgrades are pretty lame for a newly launched phone compared to the phone that was launched one year and a half year ago. I mean, those are not such a innovative or revolutionary at all! Worse, some things are missing:

3G Network | Say bye bye to 3G network. You won’t find it in Davis. Don’t worry, you still can find it in Kepler anyway.

GPS | Let’s get lost, baby! I don’t have any map in my new smartphone. Kepler has it!

Media Key / Music Key | Don’t you wish to get a shortcut to your music because this newly born Gemini-sh blackberry doesn’t have it. They already give you this BBM shortcut, so don’t wish for music shortcut. Stingy.

Well, maybe they just want to provide a more-affordable-new-blackberry. But does that mean reducing some better features and added some silly features like that BBM shortcut?


    • hi! thanks for yout comment. sure, there’re maybe some people like this new blackberry. but i think i’d prefer the old kepler since it’s now only IDR 200k difference on the price. davis is IDR 2 million and kepler is IDR 2.2 million and have more interesting and smarter feature 🙂

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