Yeay Bali! Wait, YEAY RENDEZVOUS!!

Having a break in the middle of routine is such a heavenly moment! So I had this break to Bali for 3 days with Dodie, my friend from university. I didn’t go to many places in Bali since I didn’t really have plan about where to go and worse, my friend in Bali (Nanda) doesn’t really know how to get to any places in Bali except her own home. Haha!

Well, people asked about how was my holiday, how many places I visited, did I enjoy my holiday, etc. Yes, I enjoyed my holiday so much, but I didn’t regret that I didn’t visit too many places there. As matter a fact what made me extremely enjoyed it is because I finally could have a rendezvous with my best best friend on earth!!! OK it’s only been 3 months since the last time we saw each other but I really miss our togetherness. But there was one thing missing when I was in Bali. My another best friend, Babet couldn’t go with us because she hadn’t got to get annual leave from her office. Wish she could be there with us because we know things would be waaayy more exciting!

Hope three of us can make another holiday completely because I really miss us

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