New Path

Hello December! New month, new job. Yeah, if you read my tumblr, twitter, and Blackberry Personal Message, you could find out that I quit from one of the best radio stations in Bandung and now I work in Jakarta as a “cheap labor” (this is how my bosses call me and 2 other fresh graduates in office. oh, and this is just the way they joke. they don’t mean it).

Some people asked me about the new job. Well, it’s pretty WOW. The company is one of the biggest-oils-and-lubricants-company in the world under one of the biggest-oil-company in the world. In my first day at work, I had lunch with the directors (The Indonesia President Director’s treat, of course). And that’s such a normal thing in this company. The directors and the employees are pretty close. Well, the fact is, there’s no “staff” in the office. They all have high position like supervisor, manager, etc because the company itself never hire people who don’t have work experience (then, hiring me is their first experience hiring non-experienced person) . So, after the training’s over, I’ll be one of them! Yeay!! (AMIIN!!!)

The office? Wow. I have lounge in my office! Yeay! In the lounge, there’s refrigerator full of fruits and drinks (no liquor), coffee machine (like in circle K, you can choose cappuccino, mochaccino, black coffee, milo, etc). And just this afternoon, I found a blue berry cheese cake in office pantry refrigerator! If the employees are hungry between 4-5 pm, there’s always some snacks (maicih, gorengan, biscuit, etc) in “pojok cemilan”.

I might lost my dream job couple days ago… But maybe, that’s God’s way to lead me to a new and better path of life. Amiin.

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