Happy Birthday, Unnie :)

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March 3, 2010.

To: Natya Shina Nandana

Unnie!! 😀

Joyeux anniversaire!!

I hope I’m the first person on earth that congratulate you on your 21st birthday 🙂 (but even though I’m not the first one who congratulate you, at least, I’lm the first one who sit beside you on the first second of your 21 :p)

I’m not good at writing a birthday congratulation nor wishes. But believe me, even though my wish would be standard like “wish you all the best, semoga selalu sukses, may you could be more mature, wish all your wishes are gonna come true, semoga makin sayang sama keluarga, semoga IPnya tetep 4, semoga seminar dan skripsinya lancar, etc”, all those wishes really come from my heart. I do wish the best for you, I do want to see you reach all of your dreams and being success, I do wish you could be a better person than you were.

Your happiness, for me is also my happiness… So, like what I wrote on my facebook note last year: “I’d just say ‘amin’ for your every wish”. This year, I’m gonna say the same thing: “I’d say ‘amin’ for your every wish”. You’re the one who really knows what’s the best for yourself, so I’d just let you make your wishlist, and I’ll say amin for all of them (but I won’t say ‘amin’ for your being-SNSD-member-wish because if you are one of SNSD members, it’d be so hard just to see you in person 😦 )

Last but not least, may you spend your 21 wisely, without missing or losing anything in your 21, so you’ll be more complete in your 22 next year 😉

P.S. Sorry that I can’t make a poem like I did last year. I’m not even able to say all of my wishes for you even though you’re now right in front of me. It’s kinda surprising the birthday girl is now having an Ubernachtung at my home and she’s now right beside me. But to be honest, I’m so happy that you are here. Once again, happy birthday unnie 🙂 may you spend the whole year happily 🙂

Love you, unnie smooch

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