I know, I know… I’m not supposedly make a post right now. I should’ve concentrated to my POLGAS (United States Global Policies) paper. But! I really wanna write something unserious now! I need some refreshment! I need some kind of therapy that can make me think clearer so I can make a good paper.

Even, I haven’t chosen what topic should I take on this paper. Daaaaaamn!!

Other people has started their paper since Friday If I’m not mistaken. But me? I just started this morning and until now I just reached 700 words out of 2500!! YEAH! COOL!!! And instead of finishing that unfinished stuff, here I am, writing a very unimportant thing. To be honest, I get distracted easily. If people buzz me on YM or I see a tweetdeck notification on my desktop, I quickly pointed my cursor to YM or tweetdeck. And (yeah you know) I forget about my paper and have fun in my tweet world!!

Ah! Damn! It’s 06:56 PM already! I MUST finish this paper today and that is a very long way to go!!!! Wish me luck peeps!!!!

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