When I Wrote It On My BBM Status

I Hope I’m Not Fallin’ In Love With Him.. FGS, He’s Korean!!!

Tante Kristy:

By writing it as your status you are definitely falling my dear


Ciieh cieeeeh ajeng jatuh cintooo (jangan dibales bbm guw). It’s simple, u just dig on him, but u don’t love him yet. I’ve been there b4. And after the past few months, I realized it was so silly but beautiful. Tenang jeng, kangen mah pasti, tapi justru kangennya enak lho, sedep. I just love the thing of missing someone I dig on. Cuz the hurt it gives feels so yummy. Daripada ngangenin orang yang udah kecetak lama di memori kita. Cape and sometimes hurts. Hahahhaaa sori guw jadi ngelantur. Abis guw mau ngomenin blog lo kaga bisa sih. Hehe daaah ajeng! Have the sweetest cherrypop with the korean!

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