I always believe that 9 is my lucky number. I was born in 1990. I live in block 9. I ranked 9th in my last year of elementary school. I went to 9 junior high school. I got 9 in my english national exam. I went to 9 senior high school. I got 9 (again) in my english national exam.

And I believe this number (for million times) brings lucks to me.

I applied to join Ardan Be A Star Announcer and Reporter Hunt. In the first screening to big 100 (out of 700 more) applicants, I was mentioned as number 9 on twitter. On the next screening to big 30, I was the 69th participant. And, after done with the screening to top 10, I waited for the announcement and voila! It was announced yesterday! 9th of February!

The next elimination of Ardan Be A Star will be held on March. March is my birth month. I hope it will give me another luck!

Well, I don’t mean to say that I attach whole life to my luck. I’ve tried to be all out in all screening. I’ve dreamt of being radio crew for years and now I get a chance so I will work my ass on it, baby!!!

Yadda, yadda, yaddaaaaaaaa!!! Bon courage pour moi et tous les finalistes d’Ardan Be A Star 2011!!!! Nous allons travailler plus fort!!

Anyway, I also want to congratulate my IKIK mate, babetos a.k.a elpauli!! We’re gonna make it, datzie!!

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