2011 Resolutions

Hello tumblrina! First of all, let me say to y’all:

Happy new year 2011! Let’s keep the smile, leave the tear, think of joy, forget the fear, leave the pain, and take lessons from what we’ve been through! Hope we’ll live way better this year!!

Well, I don’t think that I must write my 2011 resolutions in my blog (since I’m pretty sure people won’t care about mine and hello, it’s my resolution, not their business to be take care of) but I want to write something in my blog today so I thought it would be fun writing my 2011 resolution, and here they are:

Maybe this would be the easiest thing to do in 2011: stop smoking! Yep! I must quit smoking. It’s not because people has complained about me smoking (who the hell are you daring me to quit smoking? I started by my own, and I’ll stop by my own!), it’s all about me and my health, I’ve got problem with my lungs, I don’t want to exceed it.

The next thing would be: Graduated on July with at least 3.5 GPA!! No postpone or extend, please. I just want to graduate fast! Can’t bear with the expensiveness of my love-fucking-ly Parahyangan Catholic University.

Get a side job (it’d be better if I get a settle job)! I’m going to be 21 in March I’m old enough to start making money and stop asking my parents to send me money. In addition, there’re lots of gadget I want to buy (my parents won’t buy me any gadget no more *sad face*). I’ve send my application letter and CV to ARDAN and now considering about send another one to Rase FM. Wish me luck peeps! (P.S. if any of you get some information about working in radio / media, please tell me).

Well, actually it’s a very hard choice for me. I really want to continue my study to master degree. But I don’t want to make my parents spend money for it (even for the living cost) so I must look for a full scholarship if I really want to continue my study or the second choice is get a job and get a scholarship from the company or get a job and work extra hard, save the money to continue my study. Well, let it be my long-term resolution then. But along this 2011 I must look for a full scholarship!

This is the hardest thing to do: save money and buy a new gadget for myself (err, my friend would kill me if she know that I save my money to buy a gadget. She’ll ask me to buy clothes or shoes or any of those girl things)! For God’s sake I must stop doing some hedonism thingy (in fact I *almost* never do that! But why did my money keep disappear from my bank account?????)

And anyway, this last resolution will be started tomorrow: Regularly exercising at gym and lose weights for about (errrrr, lemme think for a moment) 9 kilograms (well, it should be 6 kilograms only, but since I has gained 3 kilograms along this holiday, so I add the target. Anyway, it doesn’t mean that I am an anorexic! I asked my friend (the gym-holic man, Mr. Ginardi a.k.a Kak Gingin) about my ideal weight and he told me that my weight should be 54 kilograms. (Errrrr, okay, now you guys know my true weight *blush*)

What else?? I think that’s all. Hope I can fulfill them all this year! Amiin!

Ah! I forgot something: my last resolution should be start looking for a boyfriend! (FGS, my mom has asked my a very breathtaking question: “Mbak, umur kamu udah kepala dua lho. Kapan mau mulai pacaran?”). I hope I can meet my Mr. Right this year 🙂 Amiin 🙂

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