Last Post in 2010

Hello December! We’re about to say good-bye just in a day, aren’t we? I must say farewell to 2010 as well. 2010 was fabulous. Thanks God for letting me live in this year. I don’t really change this year but found lots of priceless experience whether happened to me or to others that share with me. The fact that my lungs, eyes and legs are getting worse are nothing compared than things I got in his year. Fights I had were the obstacle as the pupa form of my friendship is in progress to be a butterfly. The consciousness that I actually need someone to rely on rather than to stand-alone also changes my perception about having a boy friend.

What about my 2010 resolutions? Done? Not really. I mentioned 4 targets to be my 2010 resolutions:

  1. Get a topic for my seminar 
  2. Move on
  3. Lose weights
  4. Get a bunch of money! 

I got a topic for my seminar. And thanks God; it was well done (steak kaleee! well done!). So resolutions number one: CHECKED!

The second one is move on. The one that I thought would be the hardest one to be done but in fact, I MADE IT! No more ‘galau-galau-gak-jelas’ because of this guy I liked (or I loved) for couple years. Thanks to my friends for always be on my side and willing to do lots of frenzy things together so I had no time to think about him. I love you, fellas! And also thanks to some guys for opening my mind, my eyes, and my heart (azeek), you made me realize that he’s not the only guy in this big-big-world! Resolutions number two: CHECKED!

Number three: Lose weights! It’s not that hard since I lost approximately 6 kilos along this 2010 (sombong dikit bole lah ya), but unfortunately, I gain 3 more kilos at the end of the year. Huh, the so-called this-is-holiday-i-can-eat-everything –syndrome attacks me! But in conclusion, resolutions number three: CHECKED!

Get a bunch of money! From my dad and mom? Yes! But I still don’t find any job to do, so I got no salary. I can’t fulfill my last resolution. Resolutions number four: FAILED! (What kind of resolution I made anyway???)

Well, I don’t know what I’m writing right now. I just finished playing with my tumblr layout, did some editing here and there, and got nothing to do. So, I’m writing this post. Anyway, this morning I’m going to go to Jekardah (Jakarta) that means I won’t post anything for two days.

So, my last word in my last post in 2010 would be:


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