I Don’t Know What I Wrote

It’s been a while since my own post is posted here, so let me write something today.

It’s kinda weird that i have no desire to start doing my seminar. I don’t wanna face diplomacy in practice, I don’t even want to go to campus and enter classes. I’m getting bored with all of these routines, wake up, take a bath, go to campus, wasting time, enter the class, lunch, chit-chat, wasting time, smoking, chit-chat, dinner, go home, browsing, sleep.

I need to be more productive!!!!! OK! I’ll start doing my seminar!!!!!

Anyway, I can’t wait until wednesday!! I’m gonna give a training to new producers of Unpar Radio Station! Be there, producers! I’m gonna be super nice to you (contrary to what I’ve done in these 2 latest years. I wasn’t a nice trainer. I was a trainee killer! LOL)

OK, I better hit my bed now. Am getting dizzy and I must off to campus early. See ya, tumblrina 🙂

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