Things To Do Before EPP’s Final Exam

Things to do before exam

(by: Ajeng Saraswati, Agatha Roulina and Bejenk Amantjik)

1. Copying friend’s note (Two days or one day before exam)

2. Day minus 1, go to library, looking for seminar topic

3. After finding the topic, go to Ciwalk. Lunch time.

4. Go to PVJ, looking for some Maliq & D’essentials and Barry Likumahua Project CD

5. Can’t find the CDs, wasting time at PVJ

6. Go to Istana Plaza, still looking for the CDs

7. Can’t find the CDs, looking for novels in Gramedia

8. Can’t find any good novel, wasting time at Istana Plaza

9. Wanna go to excelso. Agatha lied, she told us there’s no excelso in Istana Plaza.

10. Dinner at Hotto Suppu

11. Wasting time at Istana Plaza

12. Saw Excelso booth, then threw Agatha from second floor to ground floor

13. Istana Plaza closed. Go home

14. Browsing, tumblr, blogging, twitter, YM, facebook, etc

15. Sleep

That’s the best way to spend a day before exam 🙂

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