Cow & Pig: Pig’s Dengue Fever

Once upon a time in a far far away barn, there are several unique animals that best friended.

There was a pig that usually had a sleepover at cow’s fold. And sometimes the cow had a sleepover at pig’s fold. They were pretty close to each other. Even the cow somehow forgot that the pig is a pig and even the cow considered the pig as its sister (watta weird cow).

One day, the pig felt unwell. It had a fever, felt queasy all the day, and it seemed so weedy. The cow accompanied the pig to go to the veterinarian near the pig’s fold. The veterinarian gave some medicines and suggested the pig to have some rest. The pig preferred to have rests in cow’s fold. It was all going okay until on the second day, when the cow woke up, it found out its old disease: terrible backache relapsed. At the same time, the pig needed its breakfast. The pig asked the cow to made breakfast for it more than twice. But the cow kept lying on its straw. Until finally the pig felt upset and then the cow started to move its body reluctantly to made breakfast for the pig.

But the problem hadn’t solved. The pig felt embittered by what the cow had done. The pig thought that they were best friend. Why the cow couldn’t understand that it needed its breakfast so it could recover faster. How could the cow became that annoying when the the pig was really needed cow’s help? The pig cried and the cow just could do nothing.

The next day, everything had been alright. But the pig hadn’t recovered yet. Until finally on the fourth day, the pig seemed almost fully recovered. But, there were some red speckles on its skin. Both cow and pig were so afraid if the pig was suffered from dengue fever (OK, the story is becoming weirder by adding that the pig is suffered from dengue fever).

Again, the cow accompanied the pig to go to veterinarian. This time, they went to more professional veterinarian who knew pig’s father. After the laboratory check up, they found out that pig’s thrombocytes was only 80,000. Bellow the normal number of thrombocytes, and the veterinarian said that the pig must stay in the hospital. The pig was so sad. It didn’t like to stay in the hospital. The cow was so sad as well, it didn’t like to see its best friend sad and sick. The cow really loved it when the pig danced every time it heard music, the cow really loved to see the dancing-pig. But now, its favorite dancing-pig must be hospitalized.

Deep down inside its heart, the cow promised that it will be a better friend for the pig if it finally recovered from its disease, and promised that it would never treat its best friends badly.

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