Racism? in Indonesia?

I suddenly got something to write in this blog right after I had my political science class this afternoon. In class, we talked about conflict. At the end of the class, we concluded that Indonesia is a state that has a very great possibility for conflict regarding to the numbers of races and cultures in Indonesia. What we discussed in class it must be so difficult in Indonesia to attenuate the racism, since Indonesia itself has many races and cultures that ingrained in most people in Indonesia. That’s why when people in Europe (no matter from what states they are( they called themselves “I’m European” but at the same time, we as Indonesians, never called ourselves Asian, even we rarely announced that “I am Indonesian”. We usually heard: “I am Javanese”, “I am Sundanese”, “I am Bataknese”, and so on. This is the so-called “daerahism”.

This discussion lead the lecturer to ask us about “What about your environment and yourself? How you (and your environment) regarded this race issues?”

The answers are various. But, at the end, I conclude. The racism became an issue since the strata was used in Indonesia since Dutch colonialism. And it remains exist until now. But what I saw is different. We, as the youngster (what kind of language I use??). We, as the new generation should stop it, as matter as a fact, based on what we’ve discussed in class, our generation doesn’t really think about the race differences. We’re more open-minded than our parents, and by that ‘weapon’ somehow I believe that integration between races in Indonesia is possible.


  1. saya sempat nangis baca artikel di atas…
    gak ngerti soalnya..apa yang di omongin..:)
    salam gbt-politekniktelkom (gerakan bawah tanah)

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