Hello iPad!

This afternoon (GMT +7), I got an email from apple. The subject was: iPad. Wi-Fi model available today.

The first thing I did right after reading that email was: rapidly pressed escape button on my blackberry! Darn!! I regret because I subscribe latest news from apple. I should’ve been notice that I have such a desirous wants to apple product, so every time apple launches its products, I would want ’em to death. Unfortunately I’m not a money machine that can print money as much as I can.

OK, back to the topic. I’d like to talk about iPad. I just read in NYT live blogging that iPad went on sale at 9 a.m. (US). And, hey! I just can’t take it with my brain when I read:

One man who had been in line since 1 a.m.

Whaaaaatt???? Really?? Gosh, for God’s sake??? Even a man wanted it badly so he willing to be in line since 1 a.m. (and I’m sure he’s not the only one there! There must be lots of people who was in line!) Check this picture out, peeps:

Richard Perry/The New York Times

Here’s the point, guys. Maybe I’m saying this because I’m not a technology freak that really understand about technology, gadget, etc. But, don’t you think that even though you’re not getting your iPad home today, you can buy iPad the next day, or maybe the day after, or maybe the week after. Apple will not stop producing iPad, won’t it? So why do you have to force yourself to stay in line since 1 a.m. (even, another info cited that a man had waited since 5 p.m. the day before!).? I just don’t get it. I really love apple products, truly. Since I found that apple products are very simple to use, especially for a person that don’t understand technology too much like me. I can easily operated my mac, and my iPod. When I tried using my friend’s iPhone, it was as simple as the other. And when I watched iPad ad, I just couldn’t deny a tag line that given by Jony Ive, the senior vice president on apple design:

I don’t have to change myself to fit the product. It fits me.

Watching the ad, I couldn’t do anything but wishing that my parents would kindly give me one of that ‘apple toy’ for me. Even though the rumor I’ve heard said: “iPad is such a fail product. It includes nothing but an apple logo”. But for me, it’s more than fabulous for a TABLET! It’s a tablet, peeps! Don’t wish for such notebooks or PCs features in a TABLET! Well, that’s just my opinion anyway.

Ah, as usual, I never successfully make a post that straight to the point.

OK, the point of this post actually is, a big question for me:

“Is being the first person on earth to own iPad is such a prestigious thing so you force yourself to stay all night long in line in front of an apple store just to be the first person on earth who buy an iPad??”

Me, myself, don’t regard that as a very prestigious thing anyway, I bet the Steves (Steve Wozniack and Steve Jobs) have already had it since they are a very important persons in apple company. I like and want iPad badly because I never imagine man can make such a magical thing called ‘iPad’ that can make your tasks easier by having such a multi-function tablet that you can bring everywhere, simple yet useful. Can you imagine handle that thing on your hand? Gosh! It would be fabulous (I’m sure apple lovers would agree with me with my statement, but the apple haters would just think that I’m insane). But, still, I just don’t need this as long as I can manage my schedule, open my email, and browsing with my blackberry and I can do my works, manage photos, taking photos, browsing, watching videos, etc with my macbook. iPad is a great product, but I just don’t need that (though, I want it). So got in line just to be first person to get iPad, for me is just ridiculous. Well, anyway, it’s just my opinion. Don’t really think about it, peeps. Take it easy :p

That’s all, peeps. I need some rests since I have this ‘girl sickness’ that comes every month -_-”

Thanks for reading. Your comments are very appreciated 🙂

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